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Date: May 16, 2024
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By Javiera Altamirano

TODAY: The virtual event on charging infrastructure and electric fleet management begins

Representatives from Amina Charging, CALSTART, CharIN, Circle K, Deftpower, Ebusco, Gresgying, GridX, Greenflux, go-e, Huawei, Juice Technology, Kverneland Energi, PANION, QLIGHT-ONEPOLE, Recharge, Spirii, Sungrow, among others, will participate in the event. What topics will they be discussing?
Mobility Portal Europe event speakers

On the 15th and 16th of May, Mobility Portal Group will host a new virtual event titled “Trends in charging infrastructure and 100% electric fleet management in Latin America, Spain, and Europe.”

The first day will be coordinated by Mobility Portal Latinoamérica.

The second day will be conducted by Mobility Portal España and Mobility Portal Europe.

These events are the preferred meeting point for companies, associations and governments to make important industry announcements.

In total, more than 40,000 people have attended, and the videos have garnered over 350,000 views.

Timings by country:

  • 10 h. – SPAIN / DEU / FRA / ITA / POL
  • 11 h. – UK
  • 18 h. – Japan / Korea

During the second day of the event, on May 16th, seven discussion panels will take place, each with three to five speakers presenting their projects and discussing sector trends.

Panels in Spanish, organized by Mobility Portal España:

10:10 h – Panel 1: eMobility leaders’ vision for optimizing 100% electric fleets

  • Moderated by Ailén Pedrotti, editor at Mobility Portal España
  • Urko Cantalapiedra, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Veltium Smart Chargers
  • Fernando Nevado, Technical Sales Advisor at Fronius España
  • Pablo de Regoyos, Responsible for SmartMobility Companies and Public Administrations at Iberdrola
  • Fernando León, Mobility and Electrification Specialist at Kia España

10:55 h – Panel 2: Technological innovation for the development of charging infrastructure

  • Moderated by Gastón Fenés, CEO of Mobility Portal Group
  • Paco Albert Guzmán, Strategy & CFO Spain at Octopus Energy
  • Guillermo López Arias, Head of Sales Iberia & LATAM at Kempower
  • Patxi Larburu Egaña, Agency Manager BU Public Gijón at Edison Next Spain

11:40 h – Panel 3: Keys for the massive deployment of charging point installation

  • Moderated by Ailén Pedrotti, Editor at Mobility Portal España
  • Jordi Gallart, Director of Operations at Bunzl
  • Javier Avello, Strategic Project Manager at LODISNA
  • Pablo Gil Soler, EV Charger Specialist at Baywa

Panels in English, organized by Mobility Portal Europe:

12:30 h – Featured interview

  • Moderated by Javiera Altamirano, Editor at Mobility Portal Europe
  • Michael Keller, Executive Board member at CharIN

12:45 h – Panel 1: Charging infrastructure trends in Europe

  • Moderated by Javiera Altamirano, Editor at Mobility Portal Europe
  • Sissi Gao, Sales Director at Gresgying
  • Bart Scholte van Mast, Business Innovation Manager at go-e
  • William Pui Martinez, Senior Charger Hardware Manager at Circle K
  • Jonas Kverneland, CTO at Kverneland Energi

13:30 h – Panel 2: How to optimize the charging of heavy-duty vehicles

  • Moderated by Florencia Guglielmetti, editor at Mobility Portal Group
  • David Iriarte, Senior Sales Manager EV Charging Southern Europe at Sungrow
  • Markus Kröger, Founder and CEO of K2 Mobility at PANION
  • Adrián Serna Tamez, Global Program Manager at CALSTART
  • Steven van der Burg, Director of Sales at Ebusco

14:15 h – Panel 3: Strategies for the optimization of electric fleet depots

  • Moderated by Javiera Altamirano, editor at Mobility Portal Europe
  • Rutger Plantenga, Managing Director at Greenflux
  • Torben Fog, co-founder and CIO at Spirii
  • Hannes Schifferegger, Account Executive at GridX
  • Michael Johanns, Business Developer Smart Charging at Deftpower

15 h – Panel 4: What’s coming up?: Technological innovations in the EV Charging sector

  • Moderated by Inés Platini, journalist at Mobility Portal Europe
  • Stian Mathisen, Head of Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, and Sustainability at Recharge
  • Radmila Govertsen, Product Manager at QLIGHT- ONEPOLE
  • Ferdinand Solberg, Business Developer at Amina Charging
  • Ignacio Díaz, Business Director Charging Network at Huawei
  • Christoph Erni, CEO and Founder at Juice Technology

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