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Date: November 29, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini
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Tender map of Spain: What do the municipalities offer to boost eMobility transition?

With the firm commitment to strengthen its dedication to promoting sustainable mobility, Spanish Autonomous Communities allocate thousands of euros through tenders. Here are the most prominent investments on the agenda.
Spain continues promoting sustainable mobility.
Spain continues promoting sustainable mobility.

Over the past few months, new tenders have been announced in various communities with the aim of promoting the transition to sustainable mobility.

In this process, the construction of charging infrastructure plays a crucial role, as its availability influences the decision of society, businesses, and the public administration to opt for electric vehicles.

Not only that, but tenders have also been launched for the acquisition of vehicles in the form of renting, electric vans, zero-emission buses, among others.

Below, Mobility Portal Group presents a summary of the most recent tenders issued in this context.


As part of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, funded by the European Union through the Next Generation EU funds, the Madrid community has issued a tender for a new electric charging station.

Specifically, Madrid has opened a total of three contracts.

Two for the installation of charging points in ordinary parking spaces in the capital and one for the construction of the charging station at 47 Pirotecnia Street, with a total of 47 chargers.

The new station will be equipped with the necessary equipment to allow the simultaneous charging of 42 category M vehicles, in CC, with equipment that allows charging at a maximum output power of not less than 50 kW.

Borja Carabante.

As well as 5 category N1 and N2 vehicles, in CC, with equipment that allows charging for each vehicle with a maximum output power of not less than 150 kW.

The concession will be granted for a period of 15 years, starting from its formalization, with the possibility of establishing an extension of five more years.

“If there is a lot of competition, we are in a position to release other plots to create these eMobility charging hubs,” detailed Borja Carabante, Delegate of the Area of Urbanism, Environment, and Mobility, to Mobility Portal Group.


The Local Government Board of the Osuna City Council has issued a mixed contract for the acquisition of a pure electric minibus and a charging point.

This will be financed with 250,000 euros from the Next Generation funds of the European Union.

The execution time is ten months, and the deadline for submitting applications is January 2, 2024, at 2:00 p.m.

Canary Islands

The Minister of Environment, Climate, Energy, and Knowledge of the Gran Canaria Island Council, Raúl García Brink, has revealed that they have planned the installation of ultra-fast charging points between 100 and 150 kilowatts.

These will be placed in the industrial estates of Las Majoreras (in Ingenio), El Sebadal, Las Torres-Lomo Blanco, Los Taharales (in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Cruz de La Gallina, Las Rubiesas, Salinetas, Maipez, El Goro, and Ajimar (in Telde).

The administration aims to facilitate the transition of Gran Canaria towards sustainable mobility and an eco-island model.

Therefore, they will gradually complete all administrative and technical procedures to launch the tender for these points from the first quarter of 2024.


Until December 20 at 6:00 p.m., the Board of Directors of the Municipal Company of Urban Transport of Gijón SA (EMTUSA) is accepting applications for the supply of six urban buses.

These must meet certain technical specifications, including being 12 meters long with 100% electric traction and integral low floor.

The contract includes the delivery of the vehicles to the facilities of EMTUSA, the auxiliary material required in the technical specifications.

As well as a four-year comprehensive warranty per vehicle and extended to eight for batteries and power equipment.

For this, the estimated contract value is 3,460,800 euros (excluding VAT).

The granted execution period will be 12 months.


Through an estimated contract value of 11,664 million euros, the Management of the Malaga Transport Company S.A.M. opens a call for the supply of 13 100% electric MIDI buses (without chargers).

The vehicles are low-floor urban buses, Midibus type, with a length between 8 and 9.6 meters maximum.

Their propulsion must be 100% electric to receive overnight charging at the company’s garages.

The project is subsidized by the Aid Program to municipalities for the implementation of Low Emission Zones and the digital and sustainable transformation of urban transport, according to Order TMA/892/2021.

The deadline for submitting offers is December 11 at 23:59, and the execution time is 12 months.


The Mayor’s Office of the Estépar City Council issues a tender for the acquisition of an electric vehicle and a charging point within a local clean energy project.

This is supported within the Regeneration and Demographic Challenge Program, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Program.

For this, it will allocate 47,272.73 euros. The contract, which ends on December 10 at 1:00 p.m., has an execution period of 30 days.

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