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Date: October 4, 2023
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Tesla has introduced a new Model Y RWD at a price of $43,990

Along with some local state incentives, the new model could be very affordable. The estimated delivery time for the Tesla Model Y RWD is from October to November. What are its features?
Tesla Model Y RWD

Tesla has introduced a new rear-wheel-drive base version of the Model Y in the United States, which comes with a very attractive starting price.

The base version is priced at $43,990. To this price, a destination fee (DST) of $1390 and a $250 order fee would be added. These amounts apply to all models from the company.

After deducting the available federal tax credit of $7,500, the cost of the new Model Y translates to an effective cost of $38,130.

That’s $3,750 less than the recently discontinued Tesla Model Y AWD (equipped with cylindrical 4680-type batteries) from the company’s lineup.

Along with some local state incentives, the new model could be very affordable and one of the best value propositions in the fully electric crossover/SUV segment.

The estimated delivery time for this car is October to November.

Features of the new Tesla Model Y RWD

The new model has an estimated range of 260 miles when equipped with basic 19-inch Gemini wheels or 242 miles with the optional 20-inch wheels.

This is slightly less than the retired Model Y AWD version, which had a range of 269 miles with 20-inch wheels, a 19-mile difference compared to the AWD version

Regarding batteries, the manufacturer hasn’t disclosed details yet.

However, it’s observed that it has the same maximum charging speed of 170 kilowatts as the basic Model 3 RWD, which is equipped with LFP batteries. The Model Y AWD (4680) could charge up to 230 kilowatts, while the long-range (2170) battery packs can accept up to 250 kilowatts.

The car’s weight is 4,154 pounds (209 pounds less than the AWD or LR AWD versions). It features only one electric motor in the rear, which is the main reason for its slower acceleration: it goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.6 seconds, compared to the 5.0 seconds of the retired Model Y AWD.

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