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Date: January 23, 2024
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Bestsellers: What are the top 10 favorite EV brands in Europe?

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom recorded significant figures of electric vehicles. While Tesla led the rankings in some of these countries, others preferred domestically manufactured cars.
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Germans prefer locally manufactured EVs, with BMW topping the list of the best-selling models.

During the last quarter of 2023, there was a record in electric vehicles (EV) sales, and Europe is largely responsible for this achievement.

While the choices of such cars by users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom are varied, there are some models that stand out above others.

As expected, Tesla was one of the most chosen in these five markets.

However, European brands such as Audi, BMW, Citröen, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen also occupy top positions.

Below, Mobility Portal Europe presents the most chosen models in these countries in the last quarter of the past year, based on the information published by LEKTRI.CO.


Tesla Model Y.

In the French country, Tesla takes the first position with 21,893 deliveries.

The most chosen model of the North American brand was the Model Y, which has a maximum speed of 250 km/h and is priced at approximately 45,990 euros.

In second place is the Chinese brand Dacia with 8,658 sales.

The automaker completing the podium is the British MG, responsible for 7,873 EV registrations.


The BMW iX EV is produced in series at the Dingolfing plant.
The BMW iX EV is produced in series at the Dingolfing plant.

In the Bavarian region, the preference for local cars was evident, as BMW tops the list.

The German company records 17,791 sales in its home country.

In second place is also the national Volkswagen, with a total of 15,082 registrations in the last quarter of 2023.

Tesla follows, the most chosen foreign brand in the country, with 12,277 vehicles.


Fiat 500, a popular domestic EV model.
Fiat 500, a popular domestic EV model.

In Italy, like in France, the most chosen models were from Tesla with a total of 4,601 sales.

In second place is the French Citroën with 1,858 units.

Further behind is the national Fiat, registering 1,459.

It is worth noting that Italy’s numbers reflect a particularly low electric vehicle market compared to the other countries on the list.


It is no surprise that in Spain, the brand with the most EV sales is Tesla, with 5,018 units.

Once again, the North American brand is responsible for the best-selling car within the country.

The German Mercedes Benz is the second most chosen company in this nation, with 1,294 registrations.

It is followed by the Korean KIA, which boasts 1,247 registrations in the last period of the year.

United Kingdom

It is not surprising that in the United Kingdom, Elon Musk’s founded brand also dominates.

Tesla counts 9,862 sales on English soil during the last quarter of the past year.

Meanwhile, the German BMW records a total of 7,999 units in the same period.

The third place is also occupied by another Bavarian-origin company. This is Audi, with 7,467 registrations.

Is Tesla the best-selling EV brand worldwide?

The North American company remained in the market’s first place for almost the entire year not only in Europe but the whole world, a total record of 1.8 million EV deliveries.

This figure represents an increase of 38 percent compared to the year 2022.

However, despite the recent announcement of 485,000 deliveries in the last quarter, the company could not secure the bestseller title for this period.

The truth is that, while Tesla holds the top spot in the first three quarters of 2023, BYD claims it during the last period.

The Chinese-origin brand achieved an unprecedented record, with more than 526,000 registrations.

It is worth noting that these numbers come within the context of a year in which the Chinese automotive industry is the in the first position in sales, surpassing Japan, which held that title for several years.

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