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Date: November 8, 2023
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TOP 15: What is the most economical charging point operator in Spain?

In terms of speed and accessibility in EV charging, the companies Eranovum, Endolla Barcelona, and Repsol stand out as the most cost-effective options in the sector. Who follows them in the ranking?
Endolla's charging point in Barcelona.
Endolla's charging point in Barcelona.

The deployment of charging points across Spain is continuously expanding, and competition in the sector is growing.

According to the latest report published by the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility (AEDIVE), the country has 27,420 operational points.

These are part of the 322,000 that Spain must achieve by 2030 in order to comply with the European Regulation on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (AFIR).

Additionally, there are 43 operators of charging stations, each with robust strategic plans to expand their network of points in the country.

In this context, Mobility Portal Group presents a list of charging point prices provided by each operator, organized from lowest to highest cost.

1. Endolla Barcelona

The public operator from the city of Barcelona offers three charging plans for electric vehicles.

On one hand, there is the EcoFriend plan for regular individual users. They can access normal charging, priced at € 0.27/kWh during the day and € 0.22/kWh at night.

They can also opt for fast charging, which costs € 0.40/kWh during the day and € 0.35/kWh at night.

On the other hand, the EcoPro plan is intended for professionals who charge periodically.

In this plan, normal charging retains the same prices, while fast charging costs € 0.35/kWh during the day and € 0.30/kWh at night.

The third option offered for electric cars is the EcoOne plan, which is for drivers who use the service sporadically, without an annual subscription or discount.

For normal charging, the cost is € 0.35/kWh during the day and € 0.30/kWh at night, while fast charging is priced at € 0.49/kWh during the day and € 0.44/kWh at night.

2. Eranovum

Eranovum, their charges range from €0.29 to €0.39 per kWh.

The company, known for powering its chargers with renewable energy, ranks second in the ranking with one of the most competitive offers on the market.

For charging at 7.4 kW, the price is € 0.29 per kilowatt-hour.

For charging with power ranging from 30 to 60 kilowatts, the cost varies between € 0.35 and € 0.39 per kilowatt-hour, while charging at 120 kW costs € 0.39/kWh.

Their ambition is to deploy chargers with a power of around 240 kilowatts.

3. Repsol

In the multinational energy company, normal car charging is priced at € 0.29/kWh, fast charging increases by 10 cents to € 0.39/kWh, and ultra-fast charging has a cost of € 0.446/kWh.

4. Electro-EMT

This is the project of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT), which aims to offer fast electric charging points in its parking facilities.

The service starts at a rate of € 0.40 per kilowatt-hour in Colón and € 0.35 per kilowatt-hour in parking lots.

Emovili Fast supercharger in Alcobendas.

5. Emovili Fast

The premium brand for energy solutions in companies and residential areas offers a promotion of € 0.29/kWh for AC and € 0.45/kWh for DC, with power ranging from 60 to 120 kW.

6. Iberdrola

The Spanish company based in Bilbao offers charges from 7.3 to 22 kilowatts at € 0.25/kWh, and charges at 50 kW at 45 cents per euro.

Charging at 60 to 175 kW is priced at € 0.54/kWh, while charging with a power of 350 kW costs € 0.69/kWh.

Currently, the company has over 4,000 operational points, one-third of which are fast and ultra-fast charging.

7. Tesla

Currently, Elon Musk‘s company has more than 400 charging stations distributed across approximately 50 locations in Spain.

For subscribed users, the monthly subscription rates range from € 0.36 to € 0.40 per kilowatt-hour. For non-Tesla vehicles, the price increases to between € 0.49/kWh and € 0.54/kWh.

8. Acciona

The Spanish company, which has a presence in 65 locations across five continents, offers charging at 22 kW for up to € 0.37/kWh.

On the other hand, charges with a power of 50 kW have a cost of € 0.43/kWh.

The price for 120 kW charges varies between € 0.43 and € 0.54/kWh, and 180 kW charges cost € 0.57/kWh.

9. Zunder

The company has recently simplified its charging rates into two categories, divided by the power provided by the charging station.

For stations up to 50 kW, the cost is € 0.42 per kWh.

For those with a monthly subscription, the price is € 0.39/kWh. In points with a power exceeding 50 kW, the cost is € 0.55 per kWh, or € 0.45/kWh for subscribers.

Wenea, the price of their charges ranges from 0,38 to 0,56 €/kWh.

10. Wenea

Wenea offers a range of prices for its charging services, from € 0.38/kWh for 7.4 to 43 kW to € 0.59/kWh for ultra-fast charging of up to 200 kW.

Charging at 50 kW costs € 0.42/kWh, and super-fast charging, from 51 to 100 kW, is priced at € 0.56/kWh.

11. Cable Energía

A part of the Shell Group, Cable Energía offers charging capacities ranging from 22 kW to 175 kW. The lower power charging ranges between € 0.38 and € 0.41/kWh.

Charging at 50 kW costs € 0.48/kWh, and fast charging at 100 kW is priced at € 0.58 per kilowatt-hour.

12. Endesa X Way

Endesa X Way, the operator leading a network of over 900 charging points with a capacity of 300 kW, is positioned twelfth in the ranking.

They are distributed across 167 locations, 50 of which are in Spain.

On the Peninsula and Balearic Islands, the charging rate is € 0.39/kWh for AC up to 22 kW and € 0.45/kWh for DC up to 60 kW.

DC charging up to 150 kW costs € 0.55/kWh and € 0.65/kWh for 150 kW or more.

In the Canary Islands, the prices are slightly lower, with a rate of € 0.33/kWh for AC up to 22 kW, € 0.38/kWh for DC up to 60 kW, and € 0.47/kWh for DC up to 150 kW.

Charges of 150 kW or more cost € 0.55/kWh. All prices include VAT.

13. Galp

The Portuguese oil company offers a charging rate of € 0.40 per kilowatt-hour for charging up to 22 kW. Charging at 50 kW is priced at € 0.55/kWh.

The company’s goal is to install 10,000 charging points in Spain and Portugal by 2025.

14. EDP

EDP has 800 charging points in the country.

Through its EDP Move On app, the company with over 100 years of history in Spain offers two rates at its 800 charging points.

Charging at up to 22 kW costs € 0.47/kWh, while charging at up to 50 kW is priced at € 0.60/kWh.

Currently, they have 4,000 contracted points, which they hope “will be active as soon as possible”, as stated by Javier Martínez Ríos, Director of eMobility at EDP, to Mobility Portal Group.

15. BP Pulse

The company has a network of fast and ultra-fast charging points across the entire country.

Within their range of rates, they offer charging at 43 to 50 kW with a constant price of € 0.56/kWh. For charging at 150 kW, the cost per kilowatt-hour ranges from € 0.59 to € 0.69.

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