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Date: January 31, 2024
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TotalEnergies acquires 200 fast and ultra-fast charging points from the Wenea network

TotalEnergies and Wenea announce today an agreement to build a leading electric mobility player in Spain by developing a high-power charging station network.

As a first step, TotalEnergies announces that it has acquired Nordian CPO, a subsidiary of the Wenea group, which owns 200 charging sites from the brand’s network.

These 200 sites, entirely supplied with renewable electricity, are located along major highways and in urban and peri-urban areas of the 17 regions of Spain.

In addition, TotalEnergies and Wenea continue their discussions to establish a strategic partnership to share their expertise and skills in infrastructure, energy distribution, and mobility to jointly build and invest in high-power charging stations.

“We are very pleased to acquire this national network of fast and ultra-fast charging points and are eager to build a strong partnership with Wenea, a pioneer in EV charging in Spain.

Spain has the fifth-largest car fleet in Europe, and the proportion of electric vehicles is expanding rapidly,” said Mathieu Soulas, Senior Vice President of New Mobilities and Marketing at TotalEnergies.

“For TotalEnergies, it is a great opportunity to expand our network in Europe and position ourselves as a key player in high-power charging in Spain. This announcement also confirms the Company’s commitment to the energy transition in the country, where TotalEnergies has a business portfolio of more than two million gas, electricity, and related services contracts and is developing numerous solar projects, for a total production capacity of more than 3 GW,” adds Mathieu Soulas, Senior Vice President of New Mobilities and Marketing at TotalEnergies.

“This is a leadership race to serve millions of customers country by country. This new agreement between Wenea and TotalEnergies, a major global multi-energy company, will represent a winning proposition. We are proud to partner with TotalEnergies to deploy a leading network of high-power charging points. Our innovation, digital strategy, customer focus, and leadership in charging services make Wenea a unique player in EV,” says José Manuel Zorrilla, President of Wenea.

TotalEnergies, a key player in electric mobility in Europe

This partnership in Spain aligns with TotalEnergies’ ambition to deploy and operate more than 1,000 high-power charging sites for electric vehicles in Europe by 2028.

After winning one of the three public charging concessions in Madrid in May 2023, TotalEnergies is rapidly expanding in electric mobility in Spain. This announcement also comes a few weeks after a tender in Germany to install over 1,100 high-power charging points.

Wenea, a leader in high-power charging services in Spain

Wenea is the leading independent Spanish provider of electric vehicle charging services, currently operating over 1,200 charging points. In 2023, Wenea surpassed its network deployment targets with over 100 high-power charging stations on priority highways, urban and peri-urban areas, including winning the largest public tender to date in Spain (Seville) and over 5 major tenders in the United Kingdom.

Wenea also leads private electric vehicle charging solutions, serving large-scale parking operators, retailers, hotel chains, B2B charging services, and electric vehicle platform services with a broad portfolio of partners within the Spanish fleet ecosystem.

Wenea strengthens its financial capacity and ensures the fulfillment of its strategic plan by 2026, with the goal of deploying over 5,000 charging points in Spain and the United Kingdom already in its portfolio, with 2,000 of them located at high-power charging stations, forming one of the largest high-power charging portfolios in Europe.

Wenea has developed a leading EV Digital Platform to meet customer needs, develop services, and connect its charging infrastructure with other operators. The Wenea Platform is continually evolving to serve millions of customers in multiple countries, offering a wide range of services related to the electric vehicle charging experience. In a significant milestone, Wenea has successfully completed this transaction with the financial advice of Bank of America.

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