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Date: September 7, 2023
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Trump warns of the collapse of the EV industry, saying “China will take everything”

The former president announced that if he comes to power in 2024, he will protect American workers and businesses in the automotive sector.
Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump has warned that the American automotive industry will face a collapse amid President Joe Biden’s push for electric vehicles.

Trump stated that “China will take it all, 100%” if the current president’s plan goes forward.

“The great state of Michigan will not have an auto industry anymore if Joe Biden’s crazed concept of ‘all electric cars’ goes into effect,” said Trump.

Meanwhile, the former president indicated his intention to end the Democratic policy of promoting electric vehicle sales.

According to him, this move aims to protect American companies and workers.

United Auto Workers, vote for Trump. Get your leaders to endorse me. I will keep all of these great jobs, and bring in many more. Choice in schools, and choice in cars,” Trump posted on the TRUTH social network.

According to a study by Cox Automotive, Biden’s effort to boost electric vehicle sales as part of his Green New Deal is faltering.

The study revealed that zero-emission cars will account for less than 8% of total new vehicle sales in 2023.

Additionally, two major automakers have already cautioned that the president’s expectations, aiming for two-thirds of new vehicle sales to be electric by 2032, are overly optimistic.

“Toyota stated, ‘The proposal significantly underestimates the actions required to build the electric vehicle market.'”

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