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Date: December 18, 2023
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Uber Freight and Greenlane Team up to accelerate the development of commercial eTruck charging stations

Leveraging Uber Freight's logistics network, Greenlane will glean valuable insights to strategically develop and install public charging stations along highways in North America.

Uber Freight, a pioneer in enterprise technology for intelligent logistics, and Greenlane, a $650 million joint venture backed by Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, and BlackRock, have joined forces to propel the development and installation of charging stations for Heavy Duty Battery Electric Vehicles (HD BEVs).

The strategic alliance aims to expedite the adoption and deployment of HD BEVs at a large scale, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in logistics.

Leveraging Uber Freight’s logistics network, representing an impressive $18 billion in active Freight Under Management, Greenlane will glean valuable insights to strategically develop and install public charging stations along highways in North America.

Patrick Macdonald-King, CEO of Greenlane, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Our national network of EV charging and hydrogen fueling stations together with our Uber Freight collaboration will make the electrification transition easier for shippers.”

“Together, we will pave the way for a greener and more efficient future in logistics,” he adds.

Lior Ron, CEO of Uber Freight, emphasized the monumental impact of electric trucks on decarbonizing supply chains and reducing global emissions.

He stated, “We are thrilled to work with Greenlane on this initiative, as this collaboration exemplifies our commitment to reducing the impact of logistics on the environment and further establishes Uber Freight as a leading logistics network choice for customers looking to adopt and deploy electric trucks.”

According to a recent survey conducted by Uber Freight and FreightWaves, 13% of U.S. shippers currently use electric trucks, while a staggering 77% are considering or planning to adopt them in the future.

The survey also revealed that shippers are willing to pay an additional $90 per load for green transportation using electric trucks or other renewable fuels.

However, a significant barrier to widespread HD BEV deployment is the lack of publicly available, nationwide electric charging infrastructure for commercial vehicles.

The collaboration between Uber Freight and Greenlane addresses this challenge by combining Uber Freight’s network insights with Greenlane’s goal to build a nationwide charging network for commercial vehicles.

To kickstart the initiative, Greenlane plans to establish its first charging corridors in Southern California, followed by the Texas Triangle and northeastern United States.

Uber Freight is also unveiling a new whitepaper that provides data-driven insights, exemplifying the types of considerations Greenlane will make when installing charging and hydrogen fueling stations.

The whitepaper includes lane and region prioritization, facility enhancement recommendations for shippers, and more.

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