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Date: June 13, 2024
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New partnership in the UK: Plugsurfing adds a new CPO to its network

Plugsurfing welcomes the British charge point operator Be.EV to its network, with the majority of its stations located in Manchester. Below all the details.

Plugsurfing is delighted to welcome a new Charge Point Operator (CPO) to its network in the United Kingdom (UK): Be.EV.

This innovative company is committed to making electric vehicle (EV) charging simple, reliable, effortless, and accessible to all.

Notably, Be.EV is powered by 100 per cent deep green energy, reflecting its dedication to sustainability.

To mark the company’s entry into the Plugsurfing network, a special promotion is being offered.

Until 23:59 on Friday, 12th July, all Plugsurfing users will receive a 20 per cent discount on the final energy price at Be.EV charging stations.

This promotion is available to all users accessing the CPO chargers through the Plugsurfing app or any of its partner applications.

Be.EV primarily operates in Manchester, with additional charging stations in Liverpool, Newport, Bradford, and Newcastle upon Tyne.

To benefit from the 20 per cent discount, users need only charge their vehicles at any station using the app or partner apps.

The discount is automatically applied to the final energy price, inclusive of blocking fees, and will not be itemised separately on receipts.

Moreover, Be.EV has recently reduced the prices for its Fast, Rapid, and Ultra-Rapid charging speeds, ensuring cost-effectiveness across all charging options.

Even without the promotional discount, its fast charging (3 kilowatts -22 kW) rates are now more economical than equivalent petrol or diesel refuelling, enhancing the accessibility of public EV charging.

To streamline the process of finding Be.EV charging points, users can utilise the Preferred Operators feature in the Plugsurfing app.

Thus, to illustrate the potential savings, consider a scenario where a user charges 40 kilowatts-hour (kWh) on a Be.EV rapid charger.

About Be.EV

Its mission is to make EV charging simple, reliable, and universally accessible, underpinned by their commitment to deep green energy.

While it does not have charging stations across the entire UK, their primary operations in Manchester and select British towns ensure a growing network of accessible charging points.

About Plugsurfing

It is the preferred software for over 1 million drivers across 30 countries, facilitating millions of charging sessions annually.

It has identified that integrating hardware and software—connecting any charging point to any driver—is essential to providing the freedom desired by car users.

By collaborating closely with CPO and car manufacturers, it leverages its technical expertise to achieve this goal.

The Plugsurfing Power Platform links drivers’ wallets and their cars to public charging points with automation, efficiency, and connectivity, simplifying the car charging process.

A significant aspect of this is ensuring the constant availability and readiness of public EV charging points.

The platform allows CPOs to monitor the status, availability, and usage of their chargers in real-time.

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