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Date: April 16, 2024
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

VEGA Chargers introduces the HPC Constellation with up to 720 kW at the Nordic EV Summit: What benefits does it offer?

VEGA Chargers is revolutionising the electromobility sector with its recent launch. This is a "flexible, cost-effective, and beneficial solution for the end customer." Mobility Portal Europe shares the details of this innovative product.
VEGA Chargers-Mobility Portal Europe
Joel Martín, Sales Executive, and Olga Rybakova, Head of Sales and Marketing at VEGA Chargers.

At the Nordic EV Summit, VEGA Chargers unveiled its latest innovation: the HPC (High Power Charging) Constellation, equipped with an external power unit of 720 kilowatts. 

This is an ultra-fast modular charging system developed in collaboration with Huawei Digital Power.

One of its distinctive features is that it allows for upgrades over time. 

This means that, although it has an initial capacity of 720 kilowatts, it can start by offering lower powers, like 200 or 300 kilowatts, and organically upgrade as the distributor provides higher powers.

Its power balancing is achieved from the module integrated into the same system controlled by the Power Module. 

“It provides a more flexible, cost-effective, and beneficial solution for the end customer,” says Joel Martín, Sales Executive of VEGA Chargers, in conversation with Mobility Portal Europe. 

Not only that, but the product can also include energy storage batteries or photovoltaic panels with their inverter. 

The power concentrated in the power cabinet is distributed through six different dual dispensers, each with up to 12 connectors, “allowing dynamic and automatic power balancing.” 

“As a result, cost savings are achieved by avoiding separate installations, resulting in a more comprehensive and efficient solution, achieving a more satisfied customer and user due to more competitive prices,” highlights Martín. 

Where can this charger be installed? As explained by Olga Rybakova, Head of Sales and Marketing at VEGA Chargers, the Constellation “is perfect for destination charging.” 

This means it can be placed in locations where users stay for extended periods engaging in other activities, like shopping centres, as the equipment has multiple connectors and can cover several parking spaces. 

Additionally, it is especially suitable for large charging centres located on highways, as it provides enough power to charge multiple electric vehicles simultaneously, from four up to 12 units. 

In this way, this solution ensures that drivers avoid range anxiety observed today. 

This fear refers to electric car users’ concern about running out of battery on the road before finding a charging station. 

To address this issue, the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) sets mandatory targets to ensure the installation of sufficient infrastructure in the European Union. 

Specifically, it proposes deploying at least 3,600 kilowatts of charging power, especially for heavy transport, every 60 kilometres on main roads by 2030 and 1,500 kilowatts every 100 kilometres on secondary roads. 

“The HPC Constellation is specifically designed to alleviate these concerns among end users,” emphasises Rybakova. 

It’s worth noting that one of the most relevant features of this equipment is its extremely quiet operation. 

This is crucial for locations within cities, as it “does not interfere at all with the urban ecosystem.”

VEGA Chargers’ HPC Constellation 720 kilowatts.

In which countries is VEGA Chargers’ equipment available? 

The company, based in Spain and dedicated to designing and manufacturing fast charging stations (DC), operates not only locally but also in other countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom

It is also focusing on the Nordic market, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. 

“These are countries with a high presence of electric vehicles that lean more towards alternating current and we have identified an opportunity in the direct current (DC) sector,” assures Martín. 

In this regard, VEGA Chargers offers a product portfolio ranging from low DC power, from 30 kilowatts to 720 kilowatts. 

The HPC Constellation was officially launched to the market last February and is currently available to all customers. 

“We have the first locations in Spain, which will probably open in June or July,” anticipates the Sales Executive. 

Additionally, the company is in contact with numerous clients worldwide, from the Dominican Republic to Mexico, through the Nordic countries, Austria, and Croatia, where it is considering several possibilities and observes significant interest. 

“We believe there is a large market for this type of solution, both on fast roads and destination charging, which have a large audience and where the possibilities and price strongly favour the development of this product,” concludes Martín.

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