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Date: November 14, 2023
By Ailén Pedrotti
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VEGA Chargers is gearing up for a new 160 kW charger and sets sights on internationalization

Olga Rybakova, Head of Sales and Marketing at Vega Chargers, reveals to Mobility Portal España the projects the company is working on. Here, a strategy based on launching new eMobility products and forming partnerships with international companies.
VEGA Chargers customizes its service offerings to maximize charger availability throughout its entire lifecycle.
VEGA Chargers customizes its service offerings to maximize charger availability throughout its entire lifecycle.

VEGA Chargers, the company dedicated to the design and manufacture of fast-charging (DC) stations for electric vehicles, continues to make solid progress within and beyond the Spanish market.

Being one of the local key players, it brings with it an agenda focused on brand positioning.

How does it seek to do so? By focusing its attention on the launch of new eMobility products.

“We are working on a new unit with up to 160 kilowatts of direct current that will soon see the light,” says Olga Rybakova, Head of Sales and Marketing at VEGA Chargers.

In a conversation with Mobility Portal España, the executive doesn’t hold back news and assures that this is not all:

“We are also working hand in hand with Huawei on the development of a high-power charger.”

According to the details provided so far, the cabinet will be manufactured by their international partner.

Meanwhile, the dispensers will bear the 100% proprietary seal of Vega Chargers.

Olga Rybakova, Head of Sales and Marketing at VEGA Chargers.

Since its inception in 2019, VEGA Chargers has been developing comprehensive software systems that, combined with its charging stations, become the “perfect accelerator for the adoption of EV.”

With its plant located in Barcelona, they emphasize the value of local production and the possibilities this offers them.

Manufacturing in Spain is a definite plus for us, as we can use local suppliers, reduce our carbon footprint in production, and at the same time, we can be much closer to our customers,” explains Rybakova.

An important milestone for VEGA Chargers was the recent funding round closed at five million euros.

With the investment from ORBIS, backed by ENION PARTNERS and CDTI INNVIERTE, the financing in the Spanish firm has doubled.

All of this is aimed at increasing production capacity, emphasizing internationalization, and maintaining the focus on becoming “one of the main players in the electromobility sector.”

The international outlook of VEGA Chargers

Currently, the company has a 55% market share focused locally and plans to continue developing in this regard.

However, this does not mean that their gaze is not also beyond borders.

“We are looking at new countries, not so much in Europe, but more worldwide,” says the executive from VEGA Chargers.

At the moment, they have distribution possibilities worldwide, with different levels of export depending on the needs of each market.

The role of regulations

In July, the Regulation on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (AFIR) was adopted by the European Union, and this does not go unnoticed by the eMobility sector.

From its perspective, VEGA Chargers finds it “interesting” as it allows a boost to remove the fears that users currently have about electric vehicles.

“As manufacturers of fast-charging stations, we are willing to help in any way we can,” says the executive when talking about the mandatory installation of points.

Among the key points of AFIR, as of 2025, fast-charging stations of at least 150 kW for cars and vans must be installed every 60 km on the main transport corridors of the EU.

It is also established that users of electric or hydrogen vehicles must be able to easily pay at charging or refueling points.

How? With payment cards or contactless devices, without the need for a subscription, and with fully transparent prices.

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