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Date: May 20, 2024
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By Inés Platini
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Veltium advances in the expansion of its charging portfolio and secures new eMobility agreements 

Within the framework of the MUBIL Mobility Expo, Urko Cantalapiedra, Commercial and Marketing Director of Veltium Smart Chargers, assures Mobility Portal España that "this will be our best year by far."

“For the first time we have reached an agreement with a distributor of electrical equipment,” assures Urko Cantalapiedra, Commercial and Marketing Director at Veltium Smart Chargers, to Mobility Portal España

With who? Recently, the prominent Spanish company has closed a partnership with the Elektra Group.

“We are very happy that they have trusted our solution, especially for home charging with the LITE range,” he details in this regard.

Recognized for its ease of installation, use and management, this line offers intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles, with a compact and functional design. 

Not only this, but it also stands out for being universal and compatible with all zero and low emission cars on the market.

This charger is available in three models: 

  • LITE Zero is the simplest solution for the home, with a charging power of 7.4 kilowatts (kW) single-phase.
  • LITE Uno, ideal for single-family homes in which integration is required for the use and management of surpluses from a photovoltaic plant (7.4 kW single-phase).
  • LITE Kubo, the most complete option with capacities up to 22 kW (32 A three-phase, adjustable from 6-32 A).

From now on, installers will be able to find Veltium equipment in the various Elektra Group branches in Spain.

This will make it easier for these actors to receive assistance and commercial attention in the different Elektra Group branches throughout the country. 

How did this partnership come about? 

“As we have grown, we realized that, due to capillarity, we needed the help of distribution and from the first moment, we found a good harmony with the Elektra Group,” explains Cantalapiedra.

This decision is also based on the strong performance that Veltium continues to have in the charging market, which continues to grow month on month.

So much so, that the Commercial and Marketing Director of the firm confirms that this has been “the best quarter since the founding of the company” in 2016.

What are the expectations for the remainder of 2024? 

“2024 will be our best year by far”

One of the reasons cited as the trigger for this notable growth is the recent launch of the POINT rangeintended for public charging infrastructure.

This line is also part of the Business Corporate segment, with the possibility of integration with third-party systems for its operation.

“The team is working very well and we already have important orders,” he reveals.

The POINT line offers charging solutions for companies and public and semi-public spaces, with multiple optional features to adapt to diverse use needs.

Like the LITE range, this also has three different models:

  • POINT Dot is characterized by being the simplest of the family, with a wall outlet.
  • POINT Twin, with double socket, also with wall anchoring that allows simultaneous charging by distributing the energy equally, ensuring efficient recharging during times of greatest demand.
  • POINT Max, the double socket equipment with ground anchor, created to be installed in places where there is no vertical support available, stands out for its resistant and vandalism-proof design.

The three models reach a maximum power of 7.4 kW single-phase and 22 kW three-phase.

Representatives of Veltium Smart Chargers at the MUBIL Mobility Expo.

Within the framework of the MUBIL Mobility Expo, Urko Cantalapiedra summarizes:

This year we have closed new agreements with installation companies in relation to the LITE range, which is having great performance, and the launch of the POINT line, which has had an obvious impact in terms of orders and billing.”

And that’s not all.

The Commercial and Marketing Director anticipates to Mobility Portal Spain that “there will be one more surprise for the end of 2024.

“There are many agreements in the process and we hope that some of them materialize and give us an additional boost starting in the summer,” he adds.

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