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Date: March 19, 2024
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CEO Volkswagen Group: “We aim to remain the strongest international player in China”

The Volkswagen Group reported a 23% growth in electric vehicle deliveries in China and intends to maintain this leadership. Additionally, the group has significant plans for the North American market. What are its objectives?
Oliver Blume Volkswagen Group

During the Volkswagen Group‘s Annual Press Conference, Oliver Blume, the company’s CEO, revealed the firm’s plans for the upcoming years, especially in the Asian giant and North America.

Oliver Blume, CEO of Volkswagen Group

“We aim to continue being and remain the strongest international player in China and to prevail among the top three car manufacturers in a very challenging environment,” Blume indicates.

The truth is that the Asian country remains the world’s fastest-growing market in the automotive sector.

There, during 2023, the Volkswagen Group maintained its leadership because the brands of the association performed excellently.

On one hand, total vehicle deliveries expanded to 3.2 million, and the share of electric vehicles (EVs) increased by 23 per cent overall.

Regarding this, the CEO comments: “We have set a goal for China in 2030, focusing more on internal development: speed, greater localization, and strong partnerships.”

Under the motto “We act in China for China“, the firm founded the China Technology Center, as for Volkswagen, prioritizing local technology and knowledge is the key to success in the industry.

The location has over a thousand employees aiming to promote their software and reduce development times by 30 per cent.

It seeks the integration of society into the Asian ecosystem, implementing rapid innovations, and adjusting to customer expectations.

Additionally, the group is collaborating with local partners such as Shanghai Automotive Group (SAIC) and Changan, leading automotive companies in the country, to produce EVs with last-generation software.

The first cars will be launched in 2026, and in China alone, they plan to market more than 40 new models in the next three years, including new energy vehicles.

“Our top priority requirement is that the cost level of locally manufactured products is on par with Chinese competitors,” Blume indicates.

Respecting North America, the Volkswagen Group brands have significant growth potential there.

Their main focus is on greater localization of decisions and product development.

That’s why this year, more cars oriented towards the US market will be produced.

They will also take advantage of the local synergies of the most popular brands in the country.

To achieve this, they have initiated the construction of a new car factory in South Carolina and battery cell manufacturing in Ontario.

In the US, sales revenue improved by 15 per cent to 322 billion euros after a strong fourth quarter, with a contribution of 2.6 billion euros.

“The strategies of our organizations are robust, and we have taken significant steps on our path to becoming a carbon-neutral company”, acknowledges Blume.

And he adds: “Our mission is that by 2040, our vehicles will contain 40 per cent recycled products.”

Volkswagen will seek to expand autonomous mobility projects

The group has made considerable progress in autonomous driving with the ID Buzz bus.

This unit has been tested in cities such as Munich, Hamburg, and Austin, Texas.

In the future, they aim to integrate these functions into the Moia interface, a pilot project for autonomous ride-sharing.

In this way, they will gradually expand offerings in more than 70 cities in Europe and the United States in the coming years.

Volkswagen is increasing its number of charging points

As regards electric vehicle infrastructure, Volkswagen offers access to over 650,000 charging points in Europe.

In 2023, the number of chargers grew by 44 per cent, and for high-performance stations, the growth was considerably higher, as total demand increased by 118 per cent.

“Charging infrastructure is a significant enabler for mobility, and that’s why we are committed proactively to expanding this,” declares the CEO.

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