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Date: January 17, 2024
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Volvo Trucks leads the charge with approval of eTractor units for UK Government’s £25,000 Plug-In Grant

Volvo Trucks is the first UK truck manufacturer to have four different models of low-emission vehicles approved for the government's plug-in grant of up to £25,000 on new registrations, including the Volvo FH Electric, winner of the International Truck of the Year 2024 award.
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Volvo Trucks has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first truck manufacturer in the UK to secure approval for four distinct models of low-emission vehicles under the Government’s plug-in grant program, offering incentives of up to 25,000 pounds on new registrations.

Notably, this approval includes the prestigious Volvo FH Electric, which recently clinched the title of International Truck of the Year 2024.

The approval extends to both the FH Electric and FM Electric models, available as 4×2 tractor units with the maximum configuration of six batteries.

Particularly noteworthy is the FM Electric’s capability to be specified to meet the three-star Direct Vision Standard, positioning it as an ideal choice for urban transport needs.

These two models join the previously approved Volvo FL Electric 4×2 rigid and the FE Electric 6×2 rigid, broadening the range of Volvo electric vehicles eligible for the grant.

Under the terms of the large truck grant scheme, businesses, organizations, or individuals can potentially receive up to five large truck grants per financial year (1 April to 31 March) at 25,000 pounds each.

The market is allocated a total of 100 large truck grants annually, with a subsequent reduction to 16,000 pounds for the next 250 grants.

Beyond this, a maximum of ten grants per entity is available at the reduced 16,000 pounds rate, followed by a final tier at £5,000, with a limit of 1,500 grants per customer.

Hannah Mayo, Director of New Vehicle Sales at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, emphasizes the significance of the full range of electric vehicles, marking a new era in road transport and showcasing Volvo’s market leadership in electromobility.

Mayo stated, “We ended last year with more than 250 electric truck orders secured for the UK and Irish markets. With the grant now extended to include the FH and FM Electric, there’s an extra incentive for UK fleets to begin the transition.”

“Plus, with the grant scheme soon resetting for the new financial year, it’s the perfect time to be preparing applications,” she added.

Volvo Trucks’ extensive dealer network stands ready to assist customers with new registrations.

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