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Date: September 28, 2023
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By Florencia Guglielmetti

Barea: “At Wallbox we advocate for the implementation of charging standards in all countries”

During the Wallbox Day webinar, Moisés Barea, VP of Sales, analyzes investment opportunities in the charging infrastructure segment. Where should the focus be placed?

In a comprehensive analysis of the global eMobility market, Wallbox has identified a key point to consider when investing in charging infrastructure: the degree of protocol standardization.

“We see an increasing variety of regulations and standards being implemented in all countries”,warns Moisés Barea, VP of Sales at the company, during the Wallbox Day event organized by the company and Portal Movilidad.

He adds: “At the same time, many electric vehicles from China are arriving, and their charging standard is different. This should be taken into account when making infrastructure investments.”

In the case of Europe, emissions regulations and favorable trade agreements with China have made the continent an attractive exporting market for electrified vehicles.

In fact, in the first seven months of 2023, Chinese electric vehicle exports to the European Union increased by 112% compared to the previous year.

This trend is also evident in Latin America.

For example, in Chile, according to the Center for Vehicle Control and Verification, electric cars of Asian origin significantly outnumber European and North American homologated vehicles during 2022 and 2023.

As a result, this diversity creates some uncertainty when planning investments.

“Some major European operators are already indicating that the CHAdeMO connector, which has been in Europe for about ten years, is now being phased out. This is a problem for those who have made this investment“, says Barea.

He goes on to mention: “Wallbox, through the CharIN association, aims to evoke communication and safety standards that will enable bidirectional charging in the future, so that they can be implemented in all countries”.

Furthermore, he asserts that the firm’s “global approach” allows them to “navigate” through all the different realities that arise worldwide.

Wallbox’s next plans for Latin America

Currently, Wallbox recognizes that it has the opportunity to bring products to Latin America that are already operational in markets such as Norway or Germany.

For this reason, Europe’s primary product launches are already making their way into the region.

One such case is Mexico, where the company has solidified one of its most significant partnerships, alongside Evergo.

The Wallbox chargers included in this agreement are the Pulsar Plus, a globally leading home charging solution, and the semi-public charger Commander 2.

Watch the full Wallbox Day at:

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