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Date: January 10, 2024
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Wattzhub: The French player seeks partners to enter the Spanish eMobility market

The charging management specialist company, Wattzhub, operates in various regions such as France, Germany, and the Nordic countries, with over 300,000 charging points. Now, it aims to establish itself as a new competitor in the Spanish sector.

A year ago, Wattzhub announced to Mobility Portal España its plans to enter the Spanish market.

Now, the French company not only seeks to establish partnerships with strategic partners to expand in the sector but also intends to establish a headquarters in the country.

Sasan Minaeian, CEO de Wattzhub.
Sasan Minaeian, CEO de Wattzhub.

“We believe we need to have a local office to be more accessible to the players and assets in this market,” details Sasan Minaeian, CEO of the firm.

They also seek to establish collaborations with partners that provide support, especially when applying for subsidies.

WattzHub is an electric mobility operator and charging station installation company that offers comprehensive support and a turnkey solution.

Their goal is to make the experience of the energy transition more enjoyable across Europe.

The firm is dedicated to providing electric mobility services in the B2B sector.

It covers payment and access solutions to electric charging stations in B2C, mobility ticket services, CPO, supply of charging station monitoring systems, as well as training and consulting services.

It is a SAAS solution designed for electric vehicle fleet management aimed at professionals.

It provides a simple and cost-effective tool with an intuitive interface and advanced features.

The company highlights WattzHub as “the magical toolbox that brings together all the necessary services and functions.”

With a single click, companies can monitor and track the charging operations of their collaborators through a control panel.

This includes card requests to customizing the corporate application.

Currently, the company operates in various regions such as France, Germany, and the Nordic countries, with more than 300,000 identifiable charging points on its map.

Meanwhile, the goal is to have more than 2 million by 2030.

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WattzHub provides fleet managers with an interface that facilitates monitoring all recharges through the use of a mobile application.

Through this app, operators have the ability to customize their charging process and view the operational status of each charger.

It is worth noting that these solutions are multilingual systems that adapt to all European countries.

Not only that, but it also offers the “Smile and Charge” application, providing access to all public and private charging stations in more than 30 European countries.

Drivers can access these stations through a single card and a multilingual app that facilitates locating nearby charging stations.

WattzHub perfectly adapts to the different energy transition needs of each client and offers comprehensive solutions tailored at a reasonable cost.

These incorporate powerful features that simplify consumption management and tracking, as well as employee access to charging points.

Additionally, it ensures the protection of personal data integrated during the registration and usage phase.

At this point, Sasan Minaeian indicates that Spain poses a challenging market to enter since “it doesn’t seem very open to receiving startups.”

However, he insists that it is an extremely interesting market, especially for the implementation of smart charging, as the country is highly conducive to the generation and use of renewable energy.

Their smart charging platform adjusts refueling for fleets based on energy availability, making it “ideal for the Spanish market.”

“Despite not being at the level of France, Germany, or the Nordic countries yet, the country presents a great opportunity for us, and we are really interested in entering,” he emphasizes.

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