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Date: July 3, 2024
WORKERSBEE: eMobility trends in the NACS vs CCS1 competition
By Lucía Colaluce

WORKERSBEE: eMobility trends in the NACS vs CCS1 competition

From its facilities in China and Europe, WORKERSBEE is redefining global standards with cutting-edge technology and new products: in Asia, with the GBT standard, and in Europe, with CCS2 for direct current. How is it making a difference in electric charging?
Workersbee stand at the Intersolar Fair, Munich.
WORKERSBEE booth at the Intersolar Fair, Munich.

In a world where electric mobility is redefining the way we move, WORKERSBEE emerges as a pioneer in the production of components and accessories for electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Joaquín Masana, Business Developer at this innovative company, reveals to Mobility Portal Europe that “manufacturers now have to adapt to the North American Charging System (NACS) to grow in the United States (US) market.”

The company developed “an adapter for it in response to specific design requests.”

Joaquín Masana, Business Developer at WORKERSBEE.
Joaquín Masana, Business Developer at WORKERSBEE.

According to Masana, there is a trend towards adopting the mentioned connector as the dominant one in America, backed by major producers’ preference for a simplified solution that reduces the diversity of available types.

“It’s like the old Beta vs VHS video format war, where one eventually triumphed. In this case, NACS could be the winner,” he asserts.

With its recent foray into the North American market and the development of products tailored to international standards, WORKERSBEE positions itself as a leader in the transition towards more sustainable and efficient mobility.

To this end, they offer CCS1 products and have recently certified their connectors with the NACS between 16 and 80A, and they will soon introduce a high-current DC connector for this standard, capable of handling up to 350 amps.

Currently, the company has launched new versions of its products for various markets: in Asia, they offer items with the GBT standard, while in Europe, they provide Combined Charging System 2 (CCS2) solutions for direct current and different type2 options.

Additionally, with factories in China and R&D centers in China and Europe, it is clear that they are driving the global ‘EV-olution’ with advanced and customized solutions.

“We manufacture components and accessories for electric vehicle charging, such as DC charging cables that support from 40 to 375 amps constant current, and peaks up to 600 amps,” states Masana.

He adds: “We also offer liquid cooling solutions for DC chargers, AC Type 2 cables, and portable chargers from 3.5 to 22 kilowatts, with the possibility to rebrand and customize products for other manufacturers.”

It is worth mentioning that WORKERSBEE already holds UL certification for its AC Type 1 products, and they are currently producing new models in response to the growing trend towards NACS.

WORKERSBEE’s NACS connector.

Among other developments, the corporation is working on a charger with interchangeable connectors, Schuko, G type adapted for the UK market, and CEE single-phase and three-phase options.

This portable equipment will be bidirectional as optional.

It is evident that the company continually adapts to the latest industry trends to stay at the forefront, which explains its strong positioning against the competition.

Masana comments: “We specialize in adapting to manufacturers’ needs, developing projects from scratch, and customizing products. We can redesign and offer exclusivity according to client specifications.”

A standout feature of the company, according to the representative, is that its items also “appear under different brands, both our own and those of wholesalers.”

Finally, the Business Developer mentions the possibility of exploring other markets, such as Central and South America.

In reality, the company assesses the feasibility of its products based on the certifications required by each country.

This strategy allows them to tailor and develop specific products to meet market demands, including potential clients in Central America.

WORKERSBEE’s 10 years of sustainability

The company has a solid track record of over a decade in various markets, where its products are recognised both under its own brand and in partnership with wholesalers.

Its three main manufacturing bases in Suzhou, Wuxi, and Hangzhou ensure a complete value chain, from key components to control systems, supported by over 200 production machines and robust quality and shipping processes.

In 2022, it established a European entity in the Netherlands to offer localized services such as logistics storage and technical support, with future plans to expand its service centers to Vietnam and the U.S.

It is important to note that their clients include renowned international brands such as BYD, NIO, VESTEL, and VORWERK, exporting to more than 60 countries.

With the vision of becoming a global leader in charging solutions, it aspires to reach the top 3 in charging components in China within five years, under the motto of making charging simple and efficient, promoting values of diligence, cooperation, and excellence in products and services.

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