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Date: August 29, 2023
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XCharge to Install 50 Charging Stations in Italy Before Year End

In a conversation with Mobility Portal Europe, Javier Lázaro, the Country Manager of XCharge in Italy, Spain, and Portugal, revealed the company's upcoming projects.

XCharge, the international manufacturer of rapid and ultra-fast charging solutions based in Hamburg, is currently working on deploying chargers in Italy.

Javier Lázaro, Country Manager of XCharge in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.
Javier Lázaro, Country Manager of XCharge in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

In a discussion with Mobility Portal Europe, Javier Lázaro, the Country Manager of XCharge in Italy, Spain, and Portugal, disclosed, “We have already installed over 100 charging stations in Italy and aim to add another 50 by the end of the year.

However, Lázaro acknowledges that the country is experiencing delays in the deployment of high-power charging infrastructure.

“The potential in Italy is substantial, but we need to accelerate the installation of these chargers,” stated the Country Manager.

The primary limitation is related to the deficient electrical grid infrastructure, a common factor in Southern Europe.

Lázaro further points out that XCharge has plans for installing more charging points in the country, with the main challenge being the lack of sufficient power capacity.

Another issue relates to the fiscal incentives managed by the Italian government.

“The incentives have focused on slow charging, which has discouraged fast charging.”

Indeed, there has been a significant increase in the installation of home chargers, with installations rising by 700%.

C7 DC Charger: The Star Charger from XCharge

The Smart DC Charger C7 is one of the significant additions to XCharge’s growing portfolio.

With its high charging power of 400 kW or 420 kW, it reduces the time users spend at the charging station.

Thanks to the flexible power distribution, two vehicles can be charged simultaneously.

We have secured projects for this charger, and we will see it in Italy and the rest of Europe very soon,” assures Lázaro.

And he adds, “It’s a very strong commitment for the future.”

XCharge to Launch Second Generation of the Net Zero Series

Lázaro previewed to Mobility Portal Europe: “Before the end of the year, we will launch the second generation of the Net Zero Series.”

The updated product introduced last year will be capable of directly recharging batteries using photovoltaic energy.

Furthermore, it allows for the use of the Battery to Grid (V2G) system.

While Lázaro mentions that its application will be subject to the regulations of each country, all XCharge users will be able to power their batteries with solar panels.

The upcoming Net Zero Series, which is set to be launched, will maintain the power of its predecessor, providing 210 kW and drawing up to 60 kW from the grid.

“A power of 210 kW is sufficient, even when two vehicles are being charged simultaneously,” explains the Country Manager.

The battery capacity is 233 kW/h, with the option to add an additional unit.

This allows for a storage capacity of up to 466 kW/h.

Moreover, Lázaro emphasizes the added value of energy efficiency for the new charging solution.

While the first model of the Net Zero Series has yet to have its first unit in Italy, Lázaro assures, “We will have it very soon.”

Throughout the remainder of the year, XCharge plans to install over 50 of these ultra-fast charging solutions at various locations across Europe.

“In places where obtaining a specific power from the grid is not possible, the Net Zero Series provides a temporary or permanent solution,” affirms the Country Manager.

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