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Date: October 11, 2023
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Yunex Traffic Supports Bristol Airport whit new rapid DC chargers

These modular charging solutions offer the flexibility to upgrade to 90kW or 120kW charging, meeting the evolving needs of Bristol Airport's growing fleet and high-voltage electric vehicles.
Bristol Airport DC chargers

Yunex Traffic, a leading provider of charging solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration with Bristol Airport, in the UK.

As part of this commitment, Yunex Traffic has supplied and commissioned the latest Efacec 60kW DC chargers to support the airport’s growing electric vehicle fleet.

These modular charging solutions offer the flexibility to upgrade to 90kW or 120kW charging, meeting the evolving needs of the airport’s growing fleet and high-voltage electric vehicles.

Richard Withey, Energy Efficiency Manager at Bristol Airport, emphasized the importance of effective support for the airport’s sustainability initiatives.

He stated, “The collaboration with Yunex Traffic in providing the electric DC rapid chargers is essential in the busy airside aircraft operating area and assists the efficiency with aircraft turnarounds.”

This partnership aims to enhance charging infrastructure and contribute to the airport’s sustainability goals.

Bristol Airport’s Vision for a Sustainable Future

After successfully reaching its carbon-neutral goal in 2021, Bristol Airport has set an ambitious target to achieve net-zero operations within the next decade.

To accomplish this, the airport is focusing on various aspects of its operations, including the electrification of its airside fleet, which comprises transit buses, ground handling vehicles, and security vehicles.

A reliable and efficient charging infrastructure is crucial to facilitate this transition.

Yunex Traffic’s Role in the Journey

Yunex Traffic has played a pivotal role in supporting Bristol Airport’s sustainability objectives by supplying and commissioning rapid DC chargers for its electric vehicles.

The collaboration also includes an ongoing maintenance and support service to ensure optimal charger performance, contributing to the airport’s operational efficiency and net-zero goals.

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership: “We are pleased to be working so closely with Bristol Airport and to have supplied new rapid chargers for the airport’s electric vehicles.”

“The service and support we will provide on an ongoing basis will be critical both for ensuring their optimum performance and supporting the airport’s efficient operations and ambitious net-zero goals,” he stated.

National Charging Infrastructure and Future-Proofing

Bristol Airport’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the broader need for an efficient national charging infrastructure network as electric vehicle adoption continues to grow across the UK.

Yunex Traffic has responded to this demand by establishing a nationwide network of experienced and highly trained engineers dedicated to servicing and maintaining charging stations, ensuring high availability and driver confidence in the charging network.

As Bristol Airport and Yunex Traffic work together to build a more sustainable future, their collaboration serves as a model for other airports and organisations committed to reducing their carbon footprint and achieving net-zero operations.

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