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Date: November 28, 2023
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Latin America

Argentina: Milei between climate change denial and energy policies

Argentina elected Javier Milei as the President of the Nation, and among his most outspoken stances is climate change denial. Where do the international relations agreements they had signed in this regard stand?
Milei climate change and energy policies

The President-elect Javier Milei of La Libertad Avanza has repeatedly asserted that “climate change does not exist.

He was explicit in the second presidential debate, stating, “All those policies that blame humans for climate change are false.”

For Milei, environmentalism is associated with Marxist ideas.

This aligns with the discourse of political leaders such as former U.S. President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

However, within his policies, he presented an energy strategy. Does it mention electromobility? The answer is no.

The document emphasizes the need to expand the infrastructure of the electrical system for energy transportation.

In line with the policies of free trade, tax reduction, and dollarization of the economy, there is the privatization of YPF, which includes Y-TEC and YPF Luz.

This raises uncertainty about the continuity of projects involving entities, such as the development of charging corridors for electric vehicles, battery manufacturing, assembly of electric buses, and more.

This stance is consistent with Milei’s belief in non-intervention by the state, asserting that all matters related to foreign trade should be left to agreements between private entities.

He also expressed an intention to sever ties with China and Brazil due to their communist ideologies.

It’s worth mentioning that Chinese companies have shown repeated interest in Argentine lithium for battery manufacturing.

What will happen to the automotive sector, considering that Brazil is Argentina’s main strategic ally?

An interesting development is the inclusion of Federico Ovejero in Milei’s team.

Ovejero served as Vice President at General Motors until early June 2023.

He also held the position of Vice President and Secretary at the Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ADEFA).

The tone of the relationship between the future president and one of Argentina’s key economic sectors, the automotive manufacturers, remains uncertain.

What will happen to the quota for the importation of electric and hybrid vehicles? Will Argentina continue the battery manufacturing process?

Considering the economic model of the United States, and if seeking its support, will Argentina advance in an energy policy that includes electromobility, similar to Joe Biden’s initiatives?

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