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Date: February 12, 2024
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Autobahn GmbH awards a contract for 1,000 fast-charging points in Germany: Which companies were chosen?

With the awarding of the contracts by Autobahn GmbH, the second part of the tender process for the German Network has concluded, which includes a total of almost 9,000 fast-charging points at over 1,000 locations in both tenders.
Autobahn GmbH fast-charging points in Germany

The Federal Autobahn GmbH is driving forward the expansion of fast-charging infrastructure along the federal motorways.

As part of the Federal Germany Network, the tender for nearly 1,000 fast-charging points at 200 unmanaged rest areas was successfully completed.

The Autobahn GmbH awards the contracts to Fastned, E.ON, Autostrom, and TotalEnergies.

The charging points for electric cars will be installed by 2026.

With the awarding of the contracts, the second part of the tender process for the Germany Network is now completed.

The Germany Network now includes a total of almost 9,000 fast-charging points at over 1,000 locations in both tenders, ensuring that the next fast-charging point can be reached within a few minutes anywhere in Germany.

Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, stated: “Individual mobility is a high priority in a free society. That’s why I’m very pleased that the Germany Network is now being expanded with fast-charging points on the national motorway network. This increases the options for users, and the charging network along the motorways becomes noticeably denser.”

Our goal is for the next fast-charging location to be accessible within a few minutes nationwide,” he added.

The distribution of locations is based on a comprehensive traffic planning needs analysis by the National Control Center for Charging Infrastructure, which considers the existing infrastructure and anticipates both the increasing demand for fast-charging infrastructure in the coming years and the emerging technological developments.

Michael Güntner, CEO of Autobahn GmbH des Bundes, said: “To cover long distances with an electric car, drivers must be able to rely on reliable charging. We want to contribute to this and help people embark on journeys along the motorways without range anxiety.”

“In addition, the Autobahn GmbH underscores its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility on the federal motorways,” he added.

With the increasing number of electric cars, the expansion of fast-charging infrastructure on the federal motorways is becoming increasingly important.

To meet the demand, Autobahn GmbH is implementing the Fast Charging Act, which came into force on July 1, 2021, and is making its contribution to climate-neutral and user-friendly e-mobility.

Autobahn GmbH ensures that all requirements regarding charging capacity, number of charging points, accessibility, payment system, and availability are met.

In the long term, a total of 4,000 charging points are planned for the motorways.

The network is designed so that charging stations on the motorways can be reached every ten minutes.

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