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Date: May 24, 2024
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BENY announces: Will launch a new DC charger next month and seeks new clients

Although the leading provider of EV chargers has a wide range of products, they will launch a new one between May and June. Additionally, BENY reveals that they participated in the Nordic EV Summit with the aim of attracting new customers.
BENY stand at the Nordic EV Summit.
BENY stand at the Nordic EV Summit.

During the Nordic EV Summit, considered Europe’s most important conference and meeting on electric mobility, representatives from BENY New Energy shared with Mobility Portal Europe the initiatives the company is currently working on. 

BENY’s chargers.

When asked about the possible launch of a new product, the company spokesperson reveals: “We have something new in development, especially for direct current (DC) chargers.” 

We will launch it worldwide in May or June, after ensuring everything works correctly and obtaining full certification and the requirements of different countries,” he adds. 

Regarding its features, the representative indicates that it will feature an integrated storage system, with features allowing the screen to adjust to specific applications and, being a DC unit, it will have between 300 and 600 kilowatt-hours

On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning that, during the event held in Oslo, BENY showcased the latest products and charging technologies for electric vehicles (EVs), including both residential and commercial alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) stations. 

Among them, attention was focused on the integrated photovoltaic energy solution, energy storage, and EV charging, which offers a cleaner and more economical solution for the development of electric vehicles in the Nordic countries. 

The fact is that the region has abundant solar energy resources. 

For example, only in Norway does photovoltaic generation reach 1,044.9 kilowatt-hours per square metre annually under normal direct sunlight conditions. 

In this context, the launch of this integrated solution will further help the region increase the proportion of renewable energy use and reduce dependence on traditional sources. 

Indeed, during working hours, employees will be able to recharge their cars using BENY stations, which can obtain energy from the grid or the storage system. 

BENY’s stand at the Nordic EV Summit.

In this regard, Jundan Wang, the company’s general manager, comments: “We are delighted to participate in the Nordic EV Summit and showcase our customer-focused products.” 

And continues: “This integrated solution will provide strong support for the development of solar and electric vehicles locally, helping to achieve carbon neutrality goals.” 

It’s worth noting that, during the event, BENY not only limited itself to showcasing its wide range of chargers. 

“This is a world-famous summit and many top-tier suppliers are here. So, we come to seize the opportunity to find more partners and learn from other companies,” the spokesperson tells Mobility Portal Europe. 

“Last year we launched the DC charger. That’s why we are now looking for opportunities for charging point operators (CPOs),” he adds. 

What are BENY’s expansion plans? 

The company was founded in 2011 and is based in China. 

However, it currently offers its products in almost all countries in the region, including Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Norway. 

When asked about potential expansion plans, BENY’s spokesperson indicates that this plan “is still in the planning stage.” 

It’s worth highlighting that the company is a global leader in manufacturing protection components for the renewable energy sector.

However, in addition to its protection component business, it is also a leading provider of chargers for electric vehicles and micro-inverters.

Drawing on its 30 years of experience in power electronics technology, the company is well-positioned to design and manage durable and reliable products.

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