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Date: January 6, 2024
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Charge Amps and eMobility launches: New technological solutions for the charging sector

As part of the interview series conducted by Mobility Portal España and Mobility Portal Europe, Henrik Bergman, Regional Director of Charge Amps, outlines the company's strategic plan to stand out in the Spanish market.
Henrik Bergman, Regional Director for Iberia at Charge Amps.
Henrik Bergman, Regional Director for Iberia at Charge Amps.

Over a decade ago, Charge Amps introduced its first product to the market: Spark, a charging cable that revolutionized the sector.

That was just the beginning of what followed.

Now, the Nordic company enters the national territory as a provider of software and hardware for electric vehicle charging solutions, offering a broader portfolio that will soon “even include continuous charging.”

Henrik Bergman, Regional Director for Iberia at the company, anticipates this in the interview series of Mobility Portal España.

“We talk about solutions, and our first technological differentiator emerged in 2016,” he asserts.

Charge Amps Cloud.

This is Charge Amps Cloud, a cloud service designed for charging points.

It enhances the experience for individuals, organizations, communities, and companies through three levels of management: collaborator, administrator, and end-user.

Simultaneously, an open API allows for virtually unlimited integrations with other platforms.

All levels feature a clear and simple user interface, specifically tailored to the needs of each customer.

In this regard, he states: “Our role as a provider of software and hardware is to provide a solution that makes life easier.

To achieve this, they have a solution with centralized intelligence and products that facilitate the operation and installation of charging networks, as well as the more efficient use of available energy.

They also have chargers made from sustainable materials in hardware structures that “allow significant savings for installers when deploying their networks.”

Their charging points, a product of Swedish engineering, incorporate proprietary software that enables optimal, sustainable, and cost-effective charging of electric cars.

Charge Amps’ charging point.

Charge Amps on the Spanish eMobility market

Spain is like the ketchup country: nothing, nothing, and nothing, but then everything flows,” describes the Regional Director at the emovili offices.

With this, he alludes to a recurring issue in the country, where progress in the sector sometimes seems to stall or move slowly, mainly due to bureaucratic obstacles and long waiting periods.

However, everything gradually begins to develop dynamically, reflected in the more than 27,000 installed charging points in the national territory, marking an increase of 27.1% compared to 2022.

For this reason, he suggests understanding the specific circumstances of Spain.

Currently, long waiting times, such as in the case of grant approvals or the commissioning of charging stations, which can extend up to two years, constitute a discouraging factor for players.

In this sense, Bergman insists on the need to be perseverant.

It is also crucial to have the support of the government and responsible administrations to facilitate this transition to electromobility.

Not only that, but he also emphasizes the importance of “having an eye outside,” as there is a lot of experience abroad that can be leveraged in Spain.

“If you look a little outside and take what happens in other countries, you can make a significant leap and gain a lot of ground,” he emphasizes.

Considering all these aspects, Charge Amps aims to consolidate its position in the local eMobility market and, from there, initiate sustained growth, aspiring for 2024 to surpass 2023.

For this, they are open to collaborating with various actors in the sector.

“Our customers can trust that we are a company here for the long term, and the future is very promising,” Bergman emphasizes.

At this point, he highlights that, despite the positive reputation of Nordic countries, they have exceptional competitors here.

This is a feature that external actors significantly emphasize.

Despite advancing at a slower pace compared to other European Union nations, Spain presents significant opportunities for competitive development within the sector.

This is linked to the presence of highly professional players who invest significantly in promoting sustainable mobility.

As well as consumers who are already “changing their mindset” and transitioning to electrification.

According to the latest figures published by the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC), registrations of electrified vehicles experienced notable growth in the last year.

Sales of pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars totaled 113,776 units in 2023, representing 12% of the total sales volume.

In December alone, registrations experienced a 53% increase, reaching a total of 13,442 units.

Meanwhile, pure electric vehicles for the whole year totaled 62,843 units, reflecting a 72.4% increase compared to the same period the previous year, with a 5.56% market share.

Henrik Bergman’s foray into the sector

The Regional Director for Spain and Iberia entered the eMobility sector two years ago with Charge Amps.

Henrik Bergman.

However, he has extensive prior experience in the Spanish market.

His knowledge of the sector, local culture, and business practices were crucial for the Nordic company to appoint him to lead the regional market.

It’s worth noting that the Swedish company landed locally in 2021.

Thus, the company continues to expand across the continent.

As of today, the firma’s presence extends to nine countries, providing services to both end customers and distributors, as well as large corporations.

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