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Date: December 7, 2023
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Emovili plan 2024: Conquering the eMobility market share, expansion, and latest technologies

Francisco Casas, CEO at eMobility, previews the main successes of the company throughout 2023 and outlines the roadmap for the beginning of a new cycle. Here, an exclusive interview with all the electrified details.
Emovili plan eMobility market share, expansion, technologies

The leadership of emovili within the home charging market continues, but it doesn’t stop there.

“So far, we have captured at least 15% of the market share for home charging points,” confirms Francisco Casas, CEO of the company.

As part of an exclusive interview recorded at their own offices, advancements took center stage in the conversation.

For seven years now, the company has been working in the field of electromobility, initially focusing on home charging.

They already collaborate with major Spanish companies in the charging infrastructure sector, such as Wallbox, Circutor, Veltium, among others.

And the installation of chargers is not the only focus, as they complement the solution with the integration of photovoltaic panels.

However, over time, their range of solutions and clients has expanded.

In this regard, Casas anticipates: “We already work with a total of 24 out of the 40 electric vehicle brands present in Spain, and Porsche will be number 25.

The agreement is finalized in this same month of December, confirming the installation of charging points in the brand’s different dealerships.

A milestone in such agreements is the one reached with BMW to install around 150 points at the Group’s main headquarters in Spain.

And the journey doesn’t end here.

After leading the market in home charger installations, the Spanish company has decided to take a step further, venturing into public charging with “emovili Fast.”

In 2022, Paco Casas announced the launch through Mobility Portal España, and now he outlines the pillars on which the deployment will continue advancing.

“We are going to deploy 2,600 chargers in 5 years, something not even the utilities do. Our goal is to become the neighborhood’s charging boutique,” he expresses.

The focus of the deployment will be on powers above 60 kilowatts, reaching up to approximately 300. All this within urban locations.

Higher-capacity locations will begin to be useful for heavy transport, an area the company is beginning to explore with its partners.

And this is a factor to consider when talking about the 2024 roadmap.

“Technological innovation and expansion into new countries are part of our plans,” assures Paco Casas.

As we approach the beginning of 2024, there will be more news regarding expansion, which will headline emovili’s operations.

Exploring new technological features in installations, developing applications, and continuously improving the user experience will continue to mark their progress in the eMobility sector.

To date, they have entered the homes of 10,000 customers, and just this year, they have completed around 4,000 installations.

All this, giving the Spanish company a year-on-year growth of 100%.

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