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Date: January 17, 2024
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Latin America

In Chile, installation costs for EV charging infrastructure have already seen a decrease

With the aim of reducing information asymmetries and fostering a more competitive market in terms of charging infrastructure, the AgenciaSE has published the fourth edition of the report "Analysis of Charging Infrastructure Costs for Electric Vehicles."

Chile has ambitious goals related to the adoption of electromobility, with a significant increase in the circulation of electric vehicles expected in the coming years. It is crucial to ensure the development of their charging infrastructure (CI).

In this context, one of the initial efforts undertaken by countries is to gather quality information about their costs.

In the case of Chile, this study has revealed that the CI market is still in its early stages but is experiencing continuous growth.

It is also noteworthy to highlight the emergence of new CI providers and an increase in the number of trained installers.

One of the main conclusions of this study is the reduction in prices for lower power projects in alternating current (AC), which is justified by a higher number of providers in the market and the accumulated experience in such projects.

“Similar to last year, we highlight the emergence of new infrastructure providers and an increase in the number of trained installers,” notes the summary.

Additionally, given that this past year has seen more fast-charging projects installed outside the Metropolitan Region (RM), the report emphasizes how territorial factors increase costs in average values.

Particularly, participating organizations highlight the limited availability of trained CI installers at the regional level, leading to increased costs for the travel and stay of professionals.

In conclusion, it is expected that this publication will contribute to ensuring that stakeholders in electromobility make more informed decisions and promote competition in the CI market in Chile.

To learn more about electromobility in Latin America, visit “Mobility Portal Latinoamérica.”

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