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Date: November 21, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Circontrol concludes 2023 with a new 240 kW charger and announces new products with simultaneous DC charging

Pioneers in providing charging solutions for electric vehicles, Circontrol shares with Mobility Portal Europe their upcoming steps in the eMobility sector. Bellow are the details.

Within the framework of the Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress (TMWC), Albert Torras, Head of International Markets at Circontrol, outlines the latest announcements of the company to Mobility Portal Europe.

“At the end of the first quarter of 2024, we will launch a 240-kilowatt charger with simultaneous charging,” Torras details.

This device will be equipped with a screen, aligning with the company’s commitment to improving user experience and accessibility.

The company will also soon introduce another fast charging station with simultaneous DC charging and plans to present solutions for the domestic sector during the second quarter.

“As manufacturers, we stand out for covering all market segments and we are committed to maintaining that presence,” he emphasizes.

For this reason, these launches will take place globally.

Currently, Circontrol operates in more than 80 countries, with a special focus on Italy, France and Spain through Circutor.

In the short term, they plan to expand in Europe, focusing mainly on the German, Polish, and Nordic markets.

The main challenge they face in this context lies in the specific peculiarities and certifications of each country to which they must adjust their products.

We hope that certifications can be standardized in the future,” Torras emphasizes.

Through their B2B business model, they collaborate with partners and service providers who offer their chargers along with comprehensive maintenance and commissioning services.

Additionally, Circontrol forms alliances with charging point operators responsible for managing and installing the equipment in the countries where they are acquired.

Within their range of services, the company provides charging solutions for businesses, fleets, dealerships, public environments, as well as service stations, parking lots, supermarkets, hotels, homes, and eBuses.

Circontrol progresses in fast charging solutions

The Raption Compact 160.

The Raption Compact 160 stands out for its power of 160 kW, divided into 80 kW per connector in the case of simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles.

It fits perfectly into various environments where recharge time is more critical for the end user, such as service stations and shopping centers, among others.

Moreover, unlike the previous model, the Raption 150 Compact, has 10 kW more power, a 15-inch touchscreen, a cable management system to reduce weight for the user, and has lowered the height of the holders’ inclination to improve the station’s usability and accessibility.

These changes will also apply to the new 240 kW station and the model that will be launched in the first quarter of 2024.

Its adaptability allows for dynamic load management, adjusting to the specific conditions of the environment to optimize installation costs.

Raption 400 HPC.

The Raption 400 HPC offers powers of up to 400 kW, allowing charging up to 200 kilometers in just 5 minutes.

It is an ideal solution for areas with heavy traffic and service stations to charge vehicles with large batteries quickly.

Its elegant and sturdy design facilitates installation in industrial locations and other urban areas of higher sophistication.

The separation between the power unit and the dispenser not only simplifies access during maintenance and repairs but also allows dedicating more space to vehicles.

Additionally, Circontrol presents a fast multi-charging system that the company describes as “the most flexible, cost-effective, and efficient solution on the market.”

This enables the configuration of various combinations of AC and DC chargers with different power levels.

Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to easily incorporate more chargers as needed.

eVolve Rapid series.

The multi-point or Master-Satellite charging option allows combining a master charger with a set of satellites.

The entire system is managed through the master charger, covering both communication and user interface.

This approach avoids additional costs associated with these functions in satellite chargers without losing performance.

The fast chargers of the eVolve Rapid series are capable of supplying up to 25 kW in a voltage range between 100 and 920V.

Circontrol: Leaders in the eMobility market

Circontrol is part of the conglomerate of companies within the Circutor Group, headquartered in Viladecavalls (Barcelona, Spain).

With a solid track record of more than 25 years, the company introduced its first electric vehicle charger in 2008, at a time when electric mobility was not yet a prominent issue.

“We have observed the market’s evolution and recognize the growing importance of user experience,” Torras explains.

Currently, Circontrol has established itself as one of the leading players in the European eMobility market.

The company covers all market segments, from domestic charging to ultra-fast charging.

In this context, Torras emphasizes: “We are immersed in the development of solutions and constantly adapt to the changing needs of the market.”

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