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Date: June 28, 2024
By Ailén Pedrotti

Circontrol presents an “aesthetic and technological revolution” of its chargers at Power2Drive 2024

The new eHome 5, the latest star in the Spanish company's catalogue, already promises to win over eMobility customers across Europe. Francesc del Águila, Product Manager at CIRCONTROL, speaks exclusively with Mobility Portal Europe to reveal the five key aspects of this launch's potential.

CIRCONTROL arrives in Munich for the third time as part of the Power2Drive fair, bringing with it numerous innovations for its e-mobility customers.

This time, attention was especially focused on one particular product: the new eHome 5.

“This model is an aesthetic and technological revolution of the eHome, one of our best-selling products since 2015,” admits Francesc del Águila, Product Manager of the Spanish company.

Mobility Portal Europe participated in the launch of the solution, which already features photovoltaic integration, an app to manage the charging session, and a customisable design, while maintaining the essence of the eHome.

Francesc del Águila, Product Manager of CIRCONTROL
Francesc del Águila, Product Manager of CIRCONTROL

This charger, in addition to having an app that helps you monitor and manage home charging, allows efficient charging at 22 kilowatts, which is currently the maximum for residential use.

It offers options for a cable or shutter, according to user preference, and a high degree of customisation.

The model can be chosen in black, white, or a mix of both, following CIRCONTROL’s signature aesthetic.

Why does CIRCONTROLpromise that this launch will stand out in the eMobility market? According to Francesc del Águila, there are five key reasons:

First, it is elegant and aesthetic, with a “renewed image”.

Second, it can be managed with an app or RFID if you don’t have a connection, and it has an OCPP option if necessary.

Third, it can connect to the company’s Cloud system, Cosmos, or any other back-office via OCPP.

Fourth, it optimises home power, making it “more sustainable and promoting energy savings” to make the most of available energy.

Fifth, it is a product designed and manufactured in Spain and Europe.

This last point is special since it is “something CIRCONTROL aims to promote.”

The new eHome 5.

“We expect to have the first units in July and to be able to deliver the final series chargers from September, with distribution in all the countries where we currently operate,” the product manager of the firm anticipates.

From June 19, 2024, it is available for orders, and the product is currently in the process of industrialisation.

Other renewed chargers presented at Power2Drive: eVolve and Raption

Another product that the Spanish firm exhibited in Munich was the eVolve Smart post.

This charger, part of the CIRCONTROL family since 2017-2018, has evolved over the years.

Today, it features payment certification and has revamped all its electronics to make it safer, more efficient, and more connected. It can connect with OCPP 1.6, WSS, and is prepared for OCPP 2.0.

Connectivity can be via WiFi, Ethernet, 4G, and it also features Mode 3 and 6-milliampere protection focused on personal safety.

Additionally, it can adapt to the electrical protection peculiarities of each country, making it very versatile and robust for different markets.

CIRCONTROL goes beyond with a complete eMobility offering. It should be remembered that the firm is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions and was founded in 1997, with a focus on becoming a technology company that constantly adopts innovation.

Initially focused on software development, it gradually expanded its services to offer mobility solutions, especially in electric vehicle charging and efficient parking.

Today, it is one of the leading brands in the electric vehicle charging industry and has a strong presence in more than 50 countries, particularly in Europe.

With this experience behind it, CIRCONTROL set up a sectorised stand according to each of its offerings for specific sectors.

CIRCONTROL at Power2Drive.

On display were solutions for electric vehicle charging beyond the eHome 5, demonstrating its ability to offer a wide range of products for various segments of the charging market.

For Charging Hubs and Public Charging, CIRCONTROL showcased all models of its Raption Series, including the Raption Compact 80, 160, and 240.

Finally, for those interested in electric vehicle fleets and parking solutions, the company also exhibited the new three-phase AC model, eNext Park T Two, and the new Cosmos App for managing charging infrastructure.

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