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Date: February 22, 2024
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Circontrol unveils its latest dual charging EV station: Raption Compact 80

This new Cicontrol's EV DC fast charging station offers up to 80 kW, suitable for various market segments such as gas stations, shopping malls, fleets, car dealerships, or public charging infrastructures.
Circontrol Raption Series charger for electric vehicles

Circontrol, the leading manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has recently introduced the newest addition to the Raption Series: the new Raption Compact 80.

This new EV DC fast charging station joins the recently launched Raption Compact 240 and Raption Compact 160.

This compact-size fast charger of up to 80 kilowatts combines 80 kilowatts fast charging with 40 kilowatts simultaneous charging.

Its extra power, compared to other solutions in the market, can have a significant impact on urban and interurban environments.

80 kilowatts of power is suitable for several market segments, such as service stations, shopping centres, fleets, car dealers or public charging infrastructures.

Furthermore, the new product can charge up to 80 kilowatts and 266 A in Boost mode when charging a single vehicle, regardless of the EV’s voltage.

In addition, its simultaneous charging, splitting the available power into 40 kilowatts per plug, provides a plus of versatility for both chargers owners and users, allowing to charge up to 80 kilometers in ten minutes.

The product offers a modular architecture all-in-one, with its high-efficiency power modules integrated inside the charger.

As in all the Raption Series, this configuration presents different benefits for EV charger owners such as a cost-effective and easier installation and maintenance.

Featuring Raption‘s enhanced user experience

The new charger benefits from the improved user experience of the entire new Raption range, which is also present on the Raption Compact 240 and Raption Compact 160.

These improvements offer a durable 15-inch touchscreen that is easy to read in daylight (1800 nits brightness) due to its WLED technology.

In addition, the screen has been designed to prevent vandalism acts, by applying IK10 (mechanical resistant degree).

The new Raption Compact 80 has positioned its holders to a 90-degree, making it easy to plug and unplug cables.

Moreover, it features assisted cable management, as an optional accessory, helping move and collect cables, which offers a better experience and security.

Finally, the new Raption member comes with a multiple integrated contactless payment system, offering more flexibility to both charger owners and final users.

Like the rest of the Raption family, the new Raption Compact 80 can be easily integrated with other

For example, it can be seamlessly integrated with Dynamic Load Management (DLM) to automatically balance the available power between different charging stations.

It can also be integrated with the management platform COSMOS.

European Compliant

The latest Raption Series comes equipped with a range of enhancements to meet the specific requirements set by various countries’ legislations.

According to European standards, the screen and the holders have been placed in a lower position ensuring accessibility for handicapped individuals.

Moreover, Circontrol’s new chargers will now offer an optional DC meter in markets where it is in demand.

With the introduction of this latest charging station, Circontrol has updated its entire range of products for public charging solutions.

This includes semi-fast AC chargers to ultra-fast DC chargers, catering to the demands of the market and supporting the expansion of eMobility in Europe.

About Circontrol

Circontrol is a company with its own technology in which innovation is an ongoing challenge. It was founded in 1997 to provide solutions to the world of mobility and the field of EV recharging.

Since it was founded, it has devoted a major part of its resources to R&D, manufacturing high-quality products, which has enabled it to become a leader in standard solutions, but also in the most specific solutions required by the electromobility market.

Its core business is developing mobility, efficient mobility solutions for public and private car parks, and also e-mobility, with smart EV recharging solutions.

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