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Date: November 29, 2023
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Circontrol presents the next generation of Raption Series

Circontrol adds a new ultra- fast charging station able to charge 240 kW, the new Raption Compact 240 and plans to introduce another DC dual-charging product at the beginning of 2024.
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The leading manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, Circontrol, presents the evolution of its successful Raption Series.

This next product generation has been designed to improve its ultra-fast charging stations in terms of user experience and power, following the line started with the new Raption Compact 160, presented in June at Power2Drive (Munich).

Taking a step forward, the company adds a new ultra- fast charging station able to charge 240 kW, the new Raption Compact 240 and plans to introduce another DC dual-charging product at the beginning of 2024.

Improved user experience

Circontrol is prioritizing its efforts to provide more accessible and user-friendly products, driven by the increasing adoption of EVs throughout Europe.

The new products Raption Compact 240 and Raption Compact 160 feature an enhanced user experience, compared to the previous generation of the Raption Series.

Both products benefit from a larger touchscreen of up to 15 inches.

Thanks to its WLED technology, it is easier to read in daylight (1800 nits brightness) and offers better durability.

Furthermore, the screen has been to prevent vandalism acts, by applying IK10 (mechanical resistant degree).

In addition, the new screen interface provides new icons and more data to users, such as current charging power or charging voltage.

The new Raption evolution has repositioned its holders to a 90-degree, making it much easier to plug and unplug cables.

The Raption compact 240 and 160 feature an assisted cable management system, as an optional accessory, which, helps the user to move and collect the cables, offering a better experience and security.

Finally, like the previous Raption Series generation, Circontrol’s DC chargers will continue to offer multiple integrated contactless payment systems, an acclaimed method that allows users to pay for the charging session without any previous registration in any platform, and now also gives much flexibility to charge point owners.

More Power

The new Raption Generation surpasses its predecessors, the Circontrol’s DC chargers Raption 150 Compact and Raption 200, in terms of power.

In addition, the new Raption Compact 240 not only features more power than Raption 200, but it also offers an all-in-one solution, integrating its power modules inside the charger.

European Compliant

The latest Raption Series comes equipped with a range of enhancements to meet the specific requirements set by various countries’ legislations.

According to European standards, the screen and the holders have been placed in a lower position ensuring accessibility for handicapped individuals.

Moreover, Circontrol’s new chargers will now offer an optional DC meter in markets where it is in demand.

About Circontrol

Circontrol is a company with its own technology in which innovation is an ongoing challenge.

It was founded in 1997 to provide solutions to the world of mobility and the field of EV recharging.

Since it was founded, it has devoted a major part of its resources to R&D, manufacturing high-quality products, which has enabled it to become a leader in standard solutions, but also in the most specific solutions required by the electromobility market.

Its core business is developing mobility, efficient mobility solutions for public and private car parks, and also e-mobility, with smart EV recharging solutions.

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