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Date: June 19, 2024
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Circontrol introduces eHome5, the latest evolution of its home charging family, at Power2Drive 

The new home charger provides photovoltaic integration, an App to manage the charging session, and a customizable aesthetic, maintaining the eHome’s essence. Power2Drive will be the opportunity to see in person other novelties such as the new generation of Raption’s fast and ultra-fast stations or the new double three-phase wall charger, the eNext T Two.
Circontrol introduces eHome5, the latest evolution of its home charging family, at Power2Drive 

Circontrol, the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions manufacturer, presents the eHome 5, its new  EV charger for homes and condominiums.

As its name suggests, it is the fifth  evolution of the eHome family, inheriting the proven reliability and trust of a European brand but enhancing its features and aesthetics.

The new station will offer a customizable aesthetic and improved connectivity with an App  to manage it from anywhere.

The company will introduce this new product at Power2Drive exhibition in Munich, from June 19th to 21st.

At the trade fair, the  manufacturer will also showcase its latest solutions for EV Charging beyond the eHome 5, demonstrating its ability to provide a broad range of products for several charging market segments.  

Regarding Charging Hubs and Public Charge, Circontrol will exhibit all models of its Raption Series, including the Raption Compact 80, 160, and 240

The company will also showcase its AC semi-fast EV charging station, eVolve Smart, with significant updates.

Finally, for those interested in EV Fleets and Parking solutions, the company will also exhibit the new three-phase AC model, eNext Park T Two, and the new Cosmos App for managing charging  infrastructures. 

eHome 5: EV driver & installer favourite  

The new eHome 5 has been designed to provide a highly convenient home charging experience and it is prepared to meet the needs of both EV users  and installers.

In terms of look and feel, the new domestic charging station represents a step forward in the eHome family.

Its elegant and customizable aesthetic, with different models to choose, keeps the eHome’s essence.

Regarding connectivity, its mobile App, available in six different languages, will help users authenticate, manage, and monitor their charging sessions. 

Moreover, it will allow users to choose or schedule its three different charging modes.  

Charging with clean energy  

Thanks to its integration with photovoltaic (PV) energy systems, the new eHome 5 offers three charging modes.

Those are “Just Green” when using only PV energy; “Smart Mix”, combining PV and grid energy; or “Boost”, using the  available power to speed up the charge.

These modes allow charging the vehicle considering the lowest energy rates and the highest sun activity, helping to save energy and costs.  

In addition, the new Circontrol’s charger monitors household consumption and can automatically adjust the energy demand to prevent blackouts. 

Moreover, it offers safer charging, thanks to its included DC leakage electrical  protections. 

Besides the advantages for the users, the new eHome 5 also will be beneficial for installers thanks to its easy and cost-effective installation.

As well as for its seamless connectivity or authentication, even without an internet connection.

Finally, installers will have the trust of offer to their customers a home EV charger made in Europe with a proven reliability.  

Circontrol’s novelties beyond eHome 5  

In addition to the new eHome 5, the Spanish manufacturer presents a wide range of novelties at Power2Drive.

Starting on its solutions for Charging Hubs, Circontrol will display its ultra-fast DC chargers Raption Compact 160 and Raption Compact 240.

These dual-charging stations provide a scalable  charging platform ready to respond to European mobility challenges. 

In terms of public charge, the company will present its DC fast-charging station Raption Compact 80.

Thanks to its plus of power of 80 kilowatts (kW) when  charging one vehicle or 40 kW per plug in simultaneously charge, represents a flexible solution useful in various market segments.

Concerning AC solutions, Circontrol will show for the first time a new model of its 22 kW charger eVolve Smart ready for the German Eichrecht Calibration Law, showing Circontrol’s ability to adapt its products to the requirements of several markets and countries. 

Finishing with Circontrol’s novelties, the manufacturer will also display its  brand new eNext Park model for car parks and fleets. The new eNext Park T.

Two represents a cost-efficient solution offering two three-phase sockets and improved connectivity and security. 

Of course, all these products are compatible with Circontrol’s Dynamic Load Management and its charging Management Platform Cosmos, which will  now offer an App.

Both solutions are perfectly suitable for Hubs, Public  Charge, EV fleets or parking needs, and are highly recommended in many  cases.  

CIRCONTROL chargers.


Founded in 1997, CIRCONTROL is a technology company that consistently  embraces innovation.

Initially focused on software development, it gradually expanded its services to offer mobility solutions, particularly in EV charging and efficient parking.

Today, it is one of the leading companies in the EV charging industry and it has a strong presence in more than 50 countries, particularly in Europe

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