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Date: May 12, 2023
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Coming soon: Volta Trucks reveals “exclusive details” of its new Madrid Hub

Eric van der Werff, Sales Director for Spain at Volta Trucks, talks with Portal Movilidad España about the new center of the Swedish company for electric truck maintenance.

Coslada will be the location of Volta Trucks‘ first center in Spain, where electric trucks operating in the region will benefit from the services offered by the Swedish company.

The center will provide maintenance service for the all-electric Volta Zero truck and will also support vehicles used in the Driving Experience Program.

The opening is scheduled for the second half of 2023, without further specifics.

Portal Movilidad España is in conversation with the company to learn more about the topic.

“The center will feature a showroom, administrative offices, a training center known as ‘Volta Trucks Academy,’ and a call center to facilitate communication with customers,” explains Eric van der Werff, Sales Director for Spain at Volta Trucks.

Eric van der Werff, director de ventas para España de Volta Trucks

In addition, it will have a team of technical and sales experts from the electric truck manufacturer.

The “Volta Trucks Hub” will offer 8 truck parking spaces and 4 service docks equipped with state-of-the-art devices to carry out routine maintenance tasks, ensuring proper care for electric commercial vehicles and minimizing downtime.

In addition, as detailed by Van der Werff, thanks to the different charging solutions, ranging from 22kW in alternating current to 150kW in direct current, it will enable the simultaneous charging of up to 8 vehicles.

“As our Volta Trucks customer base expands in each country, we will expand our network of centers as needed,” commented the executive when asked about a possible expansion.

The new Hub located in Madrid is highlighted as a key point for Volta’s Truck as a Service (TaaS) offerings.

This new operations center will be situated in the municipality of Coslada, to the east of the capital, in one of the most relevant logistics areas.

It is just 20 minutes away from the city center, and its facilities stand out for their proximity to other key points such as Mercamadrid, Spain’s main platform for distribution, commercialization, transformation, and logistics of fresh food.

It is also located 15 minutes away from the city’s main freight railway terminal, 5 minutes away from a major freight transport terminal, and 10 minutes away from the airport.

The facilities are easily accessible via the A2 and M21 highways and cover an area of approximately 2,500 m2.

Additionally, the Madrid center is supported by Certified Service Partner for Spain, TOP TRUCK, which will provide coverage to Volta Trucks’ customers across the country.

Truck as a Service

It presents itself as a comprehensive solution that simplifies, accelerates, and reduces risks on the path towards the electrification of commercial vehicle fleets.

For a calculated monthly fee, customers have access to the fully electric Volta Zero, along with its charging infrastructure, service and maintenance, insurance, financing, and relevant training.

“The TaaS service offers a range of turnkey solutions in a single package, with a competitive total cost of ownership and the goal of maximizing vehicle uptime,” highlights Van der Werff, emphasizing its significance for daily operations in the present day.

Increase in Volta Trucks production

The facilities where the Volta Zero will be manufactured are owned by Steyr Automotive, a company selected by Volta Trucks in August 2021 after a bidding process.

Steyr Automotive was granted the production due to “its extensive experience” and the rapid commercialization it offered, as detailed by the company.

“A total production of up to 14,000 vehicles per year has been secured. In the coming years, Volta Trucks will increase production volumes to make the most of this opportunity,” the company’s statement added.

Additionally, it stated, “During this time, the manufacturing of the Volta Zero will potentially create over 700 job positions and an estimated 2,000 positions within the supply chain.”

In 2022, the company began with design verification and validation prototypes for the Volta Zero, and the first units for series production for customers have already entered the assembly line.

“These initial vehicles will be used for the Volta Zero’s ‘Driving Experience Program,’ a test driving program,” the company explained.

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