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Date: October 23, 2023
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By Javiera Altamirano

Daze Unveils New Charger Line and Expansion Plans. Where Will They Land?

Daze is expanding throughout Europe. However, the ultimate goal is to offer the chargers globally. Moreover, in 2024 they will introduce two new product lines. What are they?
Daze team
Daze team.

During a visit to the company, Luca Negri, Sales Manager for Iberia & Latam at Daze, shares with Mobility Portal Europe their expansion plans and the launch of new electric vehicle chargers.

While the company was founded in Italy in 2016, over time, it has expanded its presence, now offering its products and services in other regions, including Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and the Nordic countries.

Our goal is to reach a global audience, although it will take some time,” acknowledges Negri.

“For now, we are focusing on Europe, with the idea of growing as much as we can, both in Spain and Portugal and in the Americas,” he adds.

It’s worth mentioning that Daze doesn’t just sell chargers; they aim to provide a complete service to their customers, including distributors, installers, and end-users.

That’s why in Latin America, they offer the option to customize the equipment.

“A buyer from Costa Rica asked us for a charger with a different plug and cable type. That’s why we offer customization, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality,” says the Sales Manager.

“While we can customize them, it’s essential to determine the technical requirements needed and whether the customer is willing to invest in the brand,” he adds.

Daze is set to launch a new line of chargers

DazeBox C.
DazeBox C.

Currently, they offer the DazeBox C and the DazeBox Home, along with accessories to ensure a complete package.

The DazeBox C, considered the company’s “basic” model, has been their best-seller, both in Italy and other countries.

However, they are now observing a higher demand for the DazeBox Home due to its advanced functionality.

Regarding new products, they plan to introduce two new lines next year: DazeBox Share (in early 2024) and DazeBox Pro.

We want to expand our portfolio but in a structured manner,” explains Negri.

“It’s challenging to satisfy all customers because their demands are becoming more specific. However, we have a young and capable technical team.”

For product purchases, end customers can acquire them through the e-commerce services on the company’s website.

Additionally, Daze offers installation services, although manual installation is also possible through the switches located on the plate.

“We are working to provide a comprehensive and professional service to the customer,” notes the Sales Manager.

Incentives to Boost Charger Installation

Daze recognizes that there is a much broader demand for chargers in Portugal compared to Spain.

“In Portugal, there is a high demand for three-phase equipment, and we make sales in major cities as well as in outlying areas,” says Negri.

In contrast, in Spain, “outside major cities, there is lower demand.”

“This is partly due to the lack of strong incentive policies. In a couple of years, due to legal requirements, there will be a higher demand for chargers, both in direct and alternating current,” states Negri.

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