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Date: January 2, 2024
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Dazebox “Home” and “C”: The eMobility catalog stars from the Italian manufacturer

Daze contributes to the "eMobility Book: Charge Infrastructure 2023" compiled by Mobility Portal España and Mobility Portal Latinoamérica, showcasing their latest releases with two solutions for the electric vehicle charging sector.
Daze presents its two success stories.
Daze presents its two success stories.

Daze, the Italian company specializing in recharge products and services for electric vehicles, presents its two success stories in the eBook released by Mobility Portal Group.

This is the digital book where leading companies in the charging infrastructure present their products and services.

The Dazebox “Home” represents the ultimate charging station designed for domestic and semi-public environments.

Dazebox home.

Equipped with a large LED screen, it is available in single-phase 7.4 kW and three-phase 22 kW versions, with options for integrated cable or side socket.

It can be integrated with the company’s Dynamic Power Manager for dynamic management of home loads and features an integrated RFID reader.

Additionally, it can be configured through an application and can connect to photovoltaic systems.

Its Power Sharing function makes it suitable for multiple installations.

Dazebox C.

The Dazebox “C” is presented as an entry-level solution for those seeking maximum efficiency in home charging.

It comes with integrated cables of 5m and 7m and can also be installed with the Dynamic Power Manager.

Control and configuration are possible through a dedicated app via Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.

It can interact with photovoltaic systems to optimize energy efficiency in home environments.

All this information is available in the “eMobility Book: Charge Infrastructure 2023,” jointly created by Mobility Portal España and Mobility Portal Latinoamérica.

Here are the latest advancements in slow, fast, and semi-fast chargers, as well as services for infrastructure and fleet optimization.

Daze’s global perspective

The Spanish headquarters of the company, named “Daze Ibérica,” was established in 2022 in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.

From there, the charging point manufacturer manages the market throughout the national territory, including the peninsula, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, as well as Portugal.

Not only that, but the Daze team also has specific representatives for different regions of the country.

As Luca Negri, Sales Manager of the company, commented to Mobility Portal Europe, the company has focused on the Spanish market due to the opportunities it offers.

It’s worth noting that everything is in the process of consolidation, in a context where the electromobility sector is experiencing rapid growth.

Daze with the Mobility Portal Europe team during their visit to the company.

With this, opportunities to establish themselves as a “strategic player” multiply.

Currently, Daze is experiencing positive results not only in Italy and Spain but also in Portugal, France, Germany, and the Nordic countries.

Their goal is to reach a global audience, although at the moment, they are focusing on Europe, with plans to expand to other regions, including America.

Daze prepares for the launch of a new line of chargers

Currently, the company’s offering includes the DazeBox “C” and the DazeBox “Home,” along with accessories designed to ensure a complete package.

The first, considered the company’s “basic” model, has experienced notable sales success both in Italy and abroad.

However, there is growth in demand for the second due to its advanced functionality.

Regarding new products, the company plans to introduce two additional lines this year: DazeBox Share (early 2024) and DazeBox Pro.

With this, they aim to expand their portfolio in a structured manner.

“It’s a challenge to satisfy all customers because their demands are becoming more specific. Nevertheless, we have a young and capable technical team,” explained Negri.

As for product purchases, end customers can make purchases through the e-commerce services available on the company’s website.

Additionally, Daze offers installation services, although it is also possible to do it manually using the switches located on the panel.

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