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Date: May 2, 2024
Delta Electronics announces “next-generation factory automation” following labour shortages
By Lucía Colaluce

Delta Electronics announces “next-generation factory automation” following labour shortages

Following the shortage of labor for the production of technological products, Delta Electronics, manufacturer of EV chargers, introduces a family of robots that will change the future of the industry. What advantages does it offer?
Michael Mayer Rosa, Senior Director of Delta Electronics Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), with the company's new product "Cobot"
Michael Mayer Rosa, Senior Director of Delta Electronics Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), with the company's new product "Cobot"

At the Hannover Messe event, the leading industrial technology fair in Germany, Delta Electronics, manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers and other technological products, unveiled a technological innovation that will enable automation in production.

'Cobot', Delta Electronics' new product for factory automation.
Cobot, Delta Electronics’ new product for factory automation.

This is the family of Cobots, a wide range of versatile robot variants, including the D-Bot 6, 8, 10, 16, 20, and 30 models, designed to carry out hazardous tasks, contribute to more adaptable manufacturing, reduce labor-related expenses, and streamline development processes.

The highlight of this new series is its range of rotation, which, having six axes, ranges from 135 to 360 degrees, coupled with each device weighing between 26 and 95 kilograms.

Michael Mayer Rosa, Senior Director of Delta Electronics Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), states: “Europe is facing the challenge that fewer and fewer employees are available for production.”

“We need to close this gap because the next generation will no longer feed machines,” he adds.

During the presentation of the devices, five exciting applications were highlighted that these robots can perform to drive mechanization in various industrial sectors.

The first of these applications is selection and placement, where robots can sort objects and place them in specific trays using integrated cameras and suction grippers.

Furthermore, a solution for human interaction with Cobots was presented, where users can directly interact with the machines using an intuitive teaching panel with “drag-and-drop” functions to program tasks.

Consequently, the implementation of automation would be accessible even in small workspaces.

Another highlighted application is palletizing, where Cobots can handle the arrangement of products on pallets efficiently and accurately.

This is particularly useful in storage and logistics environments, where palletizing products is a common and repetitive task.

Additionally, the capability for smart documentation was presented, where Cobots can perform screwing operations and automatically detect errors to ensure quality and precision in manufacturing processes.

This capability improves efficiency and reduces development times by eliminating the need for manual inspection.

Lastly, the ability for robot-to-robot transfer was emphasized, where two devices can communicate with each other to perform coordinated tasks.

About Delta Electronics

Since 1995, Delta Group has maintained a strong presence in the EMEA region, with its regional headquarters strategically located in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam.

For almost two decades, the company has continued its commitment to research and development, offering cutting-edge technology and advanced energy-saving solutions to leading companies in various sectors.

The acquisition of Eltek ASA in April 2015 further strengthened the firm’s position in the region by providing engineering resources and specialized expertise in power design.

DC Wallbox 50 by Delta Electronics.
DC Wallbox 50 by Delta Electronics.

Dalip Sharma, President and CEO of Delta Electronics in the region, notes: “Delta is leading towards a sustainable future, combining different technologies and analyzing the market to identify which ones are in demand”.

The corporation primarily offers a complete range of direct current (DC) charging products suitable for various applications, as well as alternating current (AC) equipment.

From compact charging stations to high-power solutions, Delta has options available for commercial and public chargers, as well as fleets and industrial applications.

Slim 100 by Delta Electronics.
Slim 100 by Delta Electronics.

Highlighted products include the DC Wallbox 50, which allows charging up to three vehicles simultaneously with a total power of 50 kilowatts, and the Slim 100, with an output power of 100 kilowatts, and a compact design ideal for underground parking.

Additionally, the company has introduced the UFC 500, a high-power hub integrated with state-of-the-art technology to ensure fast and efficient charging.

It also provides modular data center solutions that ensure rapid and scalable deployment to meet the changing needs of organizations.

These solutions not only occupy minimal space but also offer energy efficiency and quality backed by rigorous testing conducted in state-of-the-art facilities.

Delta UFC 500 charging point.
Delta UFC 500 charging point.

In the telecommunications sector, it offers power software to ensure global connectivity.

From support for 5G network deployments to enabling the IoT ecosystem and ensuring connectivity in remote areas, these form the “backbone” that supports the company’s digital infrastructure.

They provide backup during power outages and are designed to maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact through the use of renewable energy and hybrid systems.

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