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Date: November 27, 2023
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“User focus”: eCity Charge advises aligning charging projects with user needs

Iñigo Oraa, Manager of eCity Charge, was present at the "Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit" and revealed the key factors for excelling in the installation of electric vehicle charging points.
Iñigo Oraa, Manager of eCity Charge, at the "Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit".
Iñigo Oraa, Manager of eCity Charge, at the "Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit".

During the first day of the “Investment Forum for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure,” organized by Mobility Portal Group, eCity Charge presented the pillars of its business model.

It is essential to focus on the user and develop the charging point project based on their needs,” asserts Iñigo Oraa, the company’s manager.

In this regard, he emphasizes the importance of aligning these initiatives with the specific requirements of each customer.

As electric mobility becomes increasingly integrated into society, user demands are on the rise, particularly in the domestic environment.

There is currently a growing demand for connected functionalities through mobile applications.

“In fact, there is an interest in 4G connectivity, enabling remote control of the equipment,” he details.

These demands go beyond regulatory requirements, “which we must, of course, always comply with, but often lag behind, necessitating continued progress.”

An example is the establishment in the Royal Decree that electric infrastructure for charging points with a power exceeding 250 kW is subject to an authorization process.

Although this may not seem problematic at first glance, it becomes an issue when considering the administrative timelines associated with this authorization.

From the industry, there is an insistence on the need for comprehensive regulations that address all issues collectively, rather than tackling them individually, as is currently the case.

On the other hand, many users are seeking compact charging systems that utilize photovoltaic energy for self-consumption and have hoses that allow simultaneous charging of two vehicles.

eCity Charge offers equipment that allows balancing power between the home and the charger, maximizing the use of the available grid.

Recently, the company installed 17 chargers in a building for employees working in the offices on the property.

The main challenge of this project was to ensure that the total energy capacity available between the offices and the chargers did not exceed 400 kW, avoiding surpassing the building’s power capacity.

The sum of the powers of all the equipment amounted to 155 kW, representing a significant consumption.

Therefore, the company decided to install a balancing system that would allow using the power not consumed by the rest of the building for electric vehicle charging.

The chosen manufacturer to develop this was Circutor with its ePARK equipment, as these “allow for very high power when applying balancing,” according to the Manager.

This model is presented as the best option for indoor charging, thanks to its modern and minimalist design.

They are available in both single-phase and three-phase versions, with powers of 7.4 kW and 22 kW.

These chargers offer management and monitoring through remote control or integration into management platforms based on the OCPP 1.6J protocol.

The chargers are specially designed for use in covered parking lots, being versatile for vehicles of any type.

They also include Ethernet connectivity and built-in hoses, significantly improving the equipment’s usability.

The decision to work with a local supplier is not arbitrary but is part of their business model.

“Being physically close to manufacturers is giving us very good results in terms of communication and resolving any possible issues,” Oraa comments on this.

Not only that, but working on-demand and not having their own warehouses favors the logistical system.

Among the prominent companies in eCity Charge’s portfolio are Veltium, Endesa, Wallbox, Policharger, and EVBox.

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