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Date: November 30, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Electra aims to develop more than 8,000 fast charging points in the EU by 2030

The company, which started operations three years ago in France, already boasts a total of 130 charging stations spread across Europe, constituting approximately 800 ultra-fast charging points.
Bastian Verot, Co-General Manager of Electra.
Bastian Verot, Co-General Manager of Electra.
Bastian Verot, Co-General Manager of Electra.

As part of the “Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit,” organized by Mobility Portal Group, Bastian Verot outlines Electra’s ambitious plans.

“We already have a total of 130 charging stations on the continent, representing approximately 800 ultra-fast charging points,” emphasizes the Co-General Manager of the company.

The European specialist in ultra-fast electric vehicle charging aims to develop a network exceeding 8,000 fast charging points in the European Union by the year 2030.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the company has a workforce of over 180 employees, with roughly a third dedicated exclusively to the technological aspects of Electra.

Thanks to its capability to manage the entire manufacturing ecosystem, encompassing both software and hardware, the company can comprehensively control the entire value chain.

In the last three years, the firm has raised over 175 million euros and secured additional funds of several hundred million euros to finance its network.

This injection of investment has been made possible through collaboration with robust partners such as Allianz, Rive Private Investment, Eurazeo, Serena, Frst, Green Invest, Grupo Chopard, Altarea Commerce, among others.

“Our mission is to promote sustainable mobility by assisting both individuals and professionals in ultimately choosing electric vehicles,” asserts the Co-General Manager.

It is worth mentioning that in 2021 Electra was founded with the purpose of disseminating ultra-fast charging, exceeding 150 kW, throughout Europe.

Initially launching operations in France, where it achieved successful expansion, the company currently has a presence in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and Spain.

Electra continues to strengthen its presence in the Spanish market

With a determined focus on improving the user experience, the company aims to make charging as simple as “fueling up” a conventional car.

Simultaneously, they aim to make it ready in 20 minutes and reach 100 km in five minutes.

Without wasting time, the company that entered Spain just six months ago is advancing rapidly, through the deployment of fast charging points throughout the territory.

Electra Charging Hub.

“We currently have 20 charging stations under construction and have signed contracts for another 50,” anticipates the Co-General Manager of the company.

And emphasizes: “Our goal is to double these numbers, reaching between 150 and 200 by 2026-2027.”

To address this deployment, Electra plans to establish between 20 and 30 charging hubs by the year 2024.

Additionally, they plan to invest 100 million euros and have a team of 15 professionals, which they have already assembled in Madrid.

In this way, the French company aspires to consolidate its presence in various sectors, including real estate, commercial, hospitality, as well as service stations, train stations, and airports.

“We are actively working on it, and moreover, we will carry out multiple projects in parallel,” announces Verot.

3 keys of Electra to provide “a complete service”

The first fundamental aspect is to ensure reliability, which involves providing functional chargers, for instance, in Spain, where both Charging Point Operators and users face serious challenges, as many chargers are inoperable due to lack of maintenance or delays in obtaining permits.

The second key lies in providing ultra-fast chargers, some of which offer power up to 400 kilowatts.

The third and final point focuses on enhancing the user experience by simplifying the process of using charging points through the application.

This app notifies users when the vehicle has completed its charge and, in turn, eliminates uncertainty related to the choice of location, charging method, and charger operability.

With Electra, the optimal functioning of charging points is guaranteed.

Electra during the «Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit.»
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