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Date: November 24, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

End of the “Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit”: Key Quotes from Industry Leaders

As part of the "European Trends in Charging Infrastructure" organized by Mobility Portal Europe, distinguished figures from the sector gathered to discuss the progress of eMobility in the continent. What were the standout quotes?
Speakers of the second day of the "Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit."
Speakers of the second day of the "Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit."

Mobility Portal Europe convened prominent leaders from the electric mobility sector to participate in the second day of the “Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit,” titled “European Trends in Charging Infrastructure.”

Throughout the event, three panels were conducted.

In these panels, eMobility experts discussed the progress of the transition to electric mobility, addressing not only the situation in their respective countries but also that of the entire continent.

Additionally, they reflected on the latest objectives set by the European Union to reduce CO2 emissions in the context of sustainable mobility.

The event also featured an exclusive interview with Katarzyna Sobótka, Investment Manager E-mobility at Claritas Investments.

Below is a review of the key statements made by each speaker.

Panel 1: “Recharge infrastructure essential to achieve AFIR targets”

  • Manuel Trotta, Product Manager Charging & Payment Solutions en Allego:

“Customer satisfaction is key to us, so our projects are focused on ensuring their convenience and security. To bring this to a new level, we are working on fast-charging hubs.”

“We are exploring fleet charging locations for our customers and working on numerous projects in the Northic, hoping to face problems regarding grid congestion.”

  • Michael Keller, Executive Board en CharIn:

“We have several ongoing developments, including the Megawatt Charging System. We are also involved in projects for mining applications.”

Panel 2: “Electric infrastructure for electromobility: How to plan the system for the future?”

  • Ignacio Barbero, Director de e-mobility de TotalEnergies:

“In February and March, we will open charging points in Madrid. Meanwhile, those in Berlin will be operational by the end of 2024.”

  • Ildefonso Boto Lopez, General Manager Electrification Southern Europe en bp:

“We plan to electrify 70 stores in the UK and 180 in Germany by the year 2024. And in the coming years, we aim to electrify 100 hubs across Europe.”

  • Mark Constable, Head of Public Affairs en Trojan Energy:

“Our biggest project entails the installation of 1,300 charging points, distributed across different projects in London. We are currently  halfway through the project, which will be completed in April or May 2024.”

Featured Interview

During the session, an exclusive interview was conducted with Katarzyna Sobótka, Investment Manager E-mobility at Claritas Investments. She reflected on the role of women in the industry, emphasizing:

“I encourage every woman to join the eMobility sector and not be afraid about the challenges.”

Panel 3: “New technological trends in public recharging on motorways and in cities”

  • Alan Augusto, Vice-chair of Communications en ChargeUp Europe:

“We have a very good understanding of what the sector needs, and we work around that. Therefore, we believe that processes should be simplified and accelerated through digitalization and standardization.” 

  • Steven Van Der Burg, Sales Director en Ebusco:

“We are not fans of opportunity charging. For us, depot or plug-in charging represents the best solution. Therefore, we are actively developing it.”

Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit | Day 2 European trends in charging infrastructure
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