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Date: March 19, 2024
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Electra sets the challenge to become a benchmark in ultra-fast charging in Spain

With the aim of securing 50 contracts and constructing 20 "Electralineras" in 2024, Bastian Verot, Co-General Manager of the French company Electra, reveals to Mobility Portal Group the ambitious roadmap with which the firm plans to approach the peninsula's market.
Bastian Verot, Co-General Manager at Electra.

Upon entering the Spanish eMobility market in September 2023, the French-origin company Electra already had its roadmap outlined for the year, embarking on it clearly and ambitiously with the signing of 50 contracts and the projection to build 20 “Electralineras“.

Bastian Verot, co-General Manager of Electra, informs Mobility Portal España that the company has entered the national market with the aim of establishing itself as one of the main references in the local and urban charging sector.

“To achieve this, we focus on two fundamental pillars: ultra-fast charging and reliability. We have a reliability rate of over 97 per cent in France and other countries, and we have no intention of lowering this standard in Spain,” states Verot.

In dialogue with Mobility Portal España, he details that, to achieve this goal, Electra will continue to collaborate closely with both Alpitronic charger manufacturers and those responsible for maintaining charging points, with the sole objective of providing a unique experience for its partners and customers.

“We make everything extremely simple and designed to avoid unnecessary time losses,” Verot emphasizes.

A differentiating aspect of the company compared to the competition is the credibility that Electra has managed to build in the European market, as well as its focus on profitability and strategic location selection.

In this regard, Verot explains that the firm “deeply values timing, the ideal moment, to enter new markets, which is a crucial matter in our roadmap. And entering Spain meets these criteria, as the adoption of electric vehicles is beginning in the country. Without a doubt, this was the moment.”

Bastian Verot, co-General Manager of Electra.

The company offers ultra-fast chargers, anticipating a growing trend that will increase in the coming years.

“Users need and demand to recharge their vehicles in the shortest time possible. As with mobile phones, vehicles also have their ultra-fast charging with Electra,” assures Verot.

Electra will invest 100 million euros to install more than 150 Electralineras (1,000 charging points) in Spain by 2027.

The company is making various strategic agreements nationally, such as the recently announced one with Altarea Commerce to establish eight ultra-fast charging points, each with a maximum power of 200 kilowatts, at the Sant Cugat Shopping Centre, located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

The inauguration of this Electralinera is scheduled for next September.

Another example of Electra’s expansion is the implementation of 34 charging points at the Parque Mediterráneo Shopping Centre in Cartagena, in collaboration with Grupo FREY.

This project includes the installation of 16 ultra-fast points and is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The company’s initial focus is on major Spanish cities for expansion, with later plans to target semi-urban areas.

The company’s development in Spain considers Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, and Zaragoza among the priority cities, without ruling out others with smaller populations.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, the roadmap planned for this year in Spain also includes signing agreements with various service providers, such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, highways, and airports, to place their technology in various parking facilities.

Electra’s charging station.

As Verot confirms, “our goal is to sign between 100 and 150 contracts, and have at least 20 Electralineras in operation and another 40 or 50 under construction during this year.”

The standard that Electra will promote in Spain involves locating stations with four or six 400 kilowatt charging points, reserving space for possible future expansion of the number of chargers.

These units will stand out for their functionality, but also for their visibility, an aspect on which the company focuses its image.

The installed equipment will feature LED panels to indicate device availability, whether free, reserved, or occupied; company flags to facilitate drivers’ identification from a distance; marking of the Electralineras with floor paint, lighting to ensure user safety, and easy identification of additional services, such as food or coffee distributors and restroom locations, among others; and shelters to protect customers from the sun and create a comfortable space for waiting during vehicle charging.

The company is also considering the possibility of incorporating solar panels into its facilities to contribute to environmental care.

Aurélien de Meaux and Julien Belliato.

Electra was founded by Aurélien de Meaux, the current CEO of the company, and Julien Belliato, the current COO.

De Meaux came from the startup world, with a strong commercial and digital perspective, while Belliato had experience in infrastructure and operations.

In 2021, these two complementary worlds for the eMobility sector came together to create the French company, specialized in fast and ultra-fast charging.

In just two years, it has expanded its presence in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Spain, where it has installed 200 operational or under-construction Electralineras.

“In a maximum period of two years, we will make investments worth 550 million euros,” announces Verot.

The company employs over 180 people, responsible for driving its operations in Europe, with expectations to increase the figure to 250 in the coming years.

Visibly satisfied, Verot highlights that Electra “has a leading position in several European markets and one of the highest usage rates in the sector.”

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