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Date: April 18, 2024
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Electric cars “made in Spain” remain within the #Top10 of registrations

By the end of March, the updates for the first quarter of 2024 regarding registrations were revealed. Although not surprising, with over 11 thousand units, Spaniards are not only choosing electric cars but also opting for domestically produced vehicles. Below is an overview of the models that made it to the podium.

A survey conducted by the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC) revealed which car models were most chosen by Spaniards since the beginning of the year.

Tesla Model 3.

Leading the list is the Tesla Model 3, with 2,047 units registered, thus positioning itself on the podium of 100 per cent electric cars.

It’s a compact and 100 per cent electric sedan, from the D segment, manufactured by Tesla since 2016 and available in the country since late 2018.

It features a lithium-ion battery that provides a range of between 415 and 544 kilometers, depending on the version.

Next up is its sibling, the Tesla Model Y, with a total of 1,511 units registered from January to March 2024.

Tesla Model Y.

This model has a range of 533 kilometers (km), depending on the chosen model.

Additionally, it has a single rear motor and a charging capacity of up to 250 kilowatts (kW).

Despite its efforts to reach the podium leader, the MG MG4 takes the third position with 674 registrations.

With a total of 406 units registered so far this year across Spain, the BMW ix1 completes the top 5.

But that’s not all, as the list continues with the Kia Niro with 390 units.

The Korean brand brings with it a range of 460 km, making this model one of the most attractive in the Spanish market.

On the other hand, the Volvo EX30 ranks sixth on the podium, with 381 registrations during the first quarter of 2024.

To these, we add the Mercedes EQA Class with 296 units and the Dacia Spring with 264 respectively.

The “made in Spain” in the ranking of the best-selling electric cars

Manufactured at the Zaragoza plant in Figueruelas, the Peugeot 208 ranks ninth on the list with 248 registrations.

Peugeot 208.

Meanwhile, its range exceeds 400 km, and in 25 minutes, it is possible to recharge 80 per cent of its battery.

Finally, the Citroën C4 ranks tenth in the quarterly total. This model adds 225 sales from January to March.

Citroën C4.

This vehicle, produced at the PSA group plant in Villaverde, Madrid, reaches 350 km of range.

It is a model with an engine that provides power of up to 100 kW, powered by a 50 kW hour lithium-ion battery.

Madrid continues to lead electrified sales

According to ANFAC, Madrilenians have once again shown their inclination towards zero-emission segments.

The figures published by the association detail a total of 5,060 100 per cent electrified cars sold from January to March in Madrid.

On the other hand, ANFAC details that the podium of sales by Autonomous Communities is completed by Catalonia in the second position, after Madrid.

In this case, the region has managed to sell a total of 1,481 electrified units.

Meanwhile, the third position is held by the Valencian Community, once again, with 869 such cars registered.

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