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Date: September 8, 2023
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Movelco: “EVs saves 60% of mobility costs for a taxi driver”

Rubén Blanco, CEO of Movelco, explains to Mobility Portal Europe the advantages of working with electric vehicles in the taxi industry. Here is a summary of the benefits.
electric vehicles
Rubén Blanco, CEO of the company.

In 2016, Movelco joined the project of Madrid’s Taxi City to put 110 electric vehicles into circulation, also contributing charging points.

Since that time, the company has been engaged in various activities, including installing a fleet of chargers not only at the industrial warehouse of the taxi cooperative but also at each worker’s residence.

“In the taxi industry, we have marketed both vehicles and chargers,” says Rubén Blanco, CEO of the company.

In a context where there is some uncertainty surrounding zero-emission cars, especially in the taxi sector, Movelco offers used vehicles to drivers.

“Taxi drivers wanted to experiment without making a significant investment in cars due to a lack of confidence in electromobility,” he explains.

However, electric vehicles have demonstrated greater durability than initial expectations.

That’s why the CEO insists, “There are units with over a million kilometers that are still in operation.”

“A taxi driver who covers 200,000 kilometers a year in an electric vehicle saves more the more they drive it compared to a gasoline, combustion, or diesel car,” he adds.

Furthermore, he states that “for every 100 kilometers, you save 60% of mobility costs.”

It has been proven that most of them operate efficiently and without significant issues, as they lack expensive components such as filters or timing belts that require frequent replacement.

As a result, a growing portion of the sector is leaning towards pure electric vehicles.

The world of electromobility is evolving, and in this process, Movelco is actively involved. “We are installing ultra-fast chargers at specific locations.”

“So taxi drivers are choosing to go directly to the services and charging stations that best fit their needs while they are on the road,” he emphasizes.

With ten years of experience, Movelco provides electric mobility solutions and specialized advisory, consulting, and engineering services for projects in this sector.

As part of their activities, they examine the adoption of electric vehicles by self-employed individuals, companies, and public and private entities with car fleets.

Among their client portfolio, they have notably provided services to the Spanish military.

Thus, they design infrastructure tailored to the specific needs of each client.

“They contact us, and we provide them with a price based on the consumed kilowatt, similar to how gasoline is priced,” says Blanco.

The company offers “electric boxes,” providing each organization that acquires them with the necessary resources to carry out their own work and meet the demands of electromobility.

This set of tools facilitates the necessary inspections and responses to operations that may arise in managing these new fleets.

The company collaborates with major global vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla, Renault, Kia, Nissan, and BMW, as well as with prominent charger manufacturers and operators, including Wallbox and Iberdrola.

Security at electric vehicles charging points

 Camilo Lobato, Manager of Movelco.
Camilo Lobato, Manager of Movelco.

Some time ago, there were reports of failures caused by the installation of charging points in communal parking lots, residences, and public areas, which increased the negative perception of electromobility.

That’s why Camilo Lobato, Manager of Movelco, says: “We need certification and a regulatory body to oversee the installation of charging points.”

“We are firm believers that the better things are done, the better it will be for everyone,” he adds.

He also emphasizes the importance of individuals who carry out installations without being professionals and fail to follow the necessary protocols, which increases the risk of “serious accidents.

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