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Date: October 30, 2023
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Wallbox will deliver 125 chargers to Osprey Charging in England

The collaboration will begin with the expansion of the Osprey network with 125 units of Wallbox's Supernova DC fast charger. Mobility Portal Shares the details.
Wallbox chargers

Wallbox, which has a local presence in nine European countries, is currently engaged in various initiatives.

Moisés Barea, VP of Sales at Wallbox.

One of these projects involves the installation of Wallbox products by Osprey Charging, one of the largest Charge Point Operators (CPO) in England.

“It involves the delivery of 125 units, ranging from 60 to 150 kilowatts, which will significantly expand the charging infrastructure in the English market,” says Moisés Barea, VP of Sales at Wallbox, in conversation with Mobility Portal Europe.

He explains, “In the Nordic countries and in England, the fast-charging product fits perfectly in terms of technology, connectivity, power, and the payment format.”

Barea mentions that there are several reasons why Osprey Charging chose Wallbox to carry out this initiative.

The collaboration will begin with the expansion of the Osprey network with 125 units of Wallbox’s Supernova DC fast charger, along with the WBX service program, offering preventive and corrective maintenance to their Supernova fleet.

“Osprey has seen that, from a technological standpoint, our equipment aligns with their needs. They’ve also recognized the company’s industrial and operational capabilities and that we are a European manufacturer that allows them to scale,” explains the VP of Sales.

“What any Charge Point Operator (CPO) expects from a manufacturer is not only a high-quality technological product but also the ability to operate it correctly and maintain the chargers with ease,” he adds.

It’s worth noting that as Wallbox is a multinational with a presence in nine European countries and 120 worldwide, product launches often occur simultaneously in various locations.

It’s important to mention that the company is not only working on the mentioned initiative but also engaged in other negotiations and presentations of chargers.

“This does require a substantial lead time, but we are in the final stages in many countries,” says the VP of Sales.

He also explains that the European market is evolving due to the lack of public infrastructure and the interest in “increasing the speed.”

However, he acknowledges, “There is a high demand and a limited supply of quality products.”

Wallbox’s Presence in Europe

The company has subsidiaries with sales personnel in nine European countries, enabling the company to establish a local presence and carry out various activities.

For instance, Wallbox has acquired the assets and business of ABL GmbH, a pioneering German company in the electric mobility sector, for 15 million euros.

This transaction enables Wallbox to accelerate its business plan by expanding its product portfolio and certifications.

It’s worth noting that ABL is a company with decades of experience in the energy management and electric mobility industry, with calibration technology that will enable Wallbox to swiftly meet the requirements of the German market, including the country’s calibration law for public and semi-public electric vehicle charging (Eichrecht).

This way, the company can increase its presence in the country with a comprehensive range of residential and public charging devices, as well as energy management software.

The operation will facilitate the sharing of innovation roadmaps between both brands, aligning R&D departments and the necessary capital investment.

These collaborative efforts will also enable Wallbox to bring its products to the market faster and more efficiently, including their public chargers, Supernova, and Hypernova.

As of now, the combined total of Wallbox and ABL chargers installed worldwide exceeds one million.

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