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Date: December 13, 2023
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Eranovum Expands into France and Belgium, Aiming for 11,000 Charging Points Across Europe by 2026

In a bid to establish a significant presence in France, Eranovum has acquired Yeswecharge, a sustainable mobility startup based in Poitiers, known for its rapid charging points.
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Eranovum, the Spanish group dedicated to accelerating the energy transition, has embarked on its internationalization journey with strategic moves into France and Belgium.

This expansion is part of the company’s ambitious goal to achieve 11,000 charging points across Europe by the end of 2026, which includes targeting 9,000 points in Spain.

“Entering France and Belgium marks the first step in our internationalization strategy. These markets are highly attractive with significant growth potential, sharing similarities with the Spanish market, and where the Eranovum team already possesses experience,” states José Luis Aguirre, CEO and Co-founder of Eranovum.

“Moreover, both countries have a more developed electric vehicle (EV) fleet than Spain, resulting in higher usage ratios for public charging stations,” he adds.

In a bid to establish a significant presence in France, Eranovum has acquired Yeswecharge, a sustainable mobility startup based in Poitiers, known for its rapid charging points.

The acquisition signifies Eranovum’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for EV infrastructure in key strategic locations.

The company is already exploring additional sites to further expand its footprint in the country and meet its charging targets by 2026.

Simultaneously, Eranovum has formed a joint venture in Belgium with Ether Energy, a local company with expertise in the Belgian market and the development of renewable energy infrastructure.

The joint venture, already operational with a local team, is working to secure strategic agreements before the year’s end.

The collaboration leverages Eranovum’s experience in the electric mobility sector and Ether Energy’s market knowledge to accelerate the deployment of charging points in Belgium.

David Vallespín, CEO of Eranovum E-mobility, emphasizes the strategic significance of the geographic proximity of these markets to Spain, citing the permeability of borders and frequent cross-border travel, especially in the tourism sector.

He adds, “Both markets offer favorable environments for Eranovum’s activities, with a differential offer of renewable energy at competitive prices in high-power locations strategically positioned for users.”

Tai Nguyen, Country Manager of Eranovum Belgium, expresses the commitment to providing Belgians with a reliable and sustainable charging solution to significantly contribute to the expansion of electric mobility in the country.

In Spain, Eranovum already operates over 360 operational points, with more than 1,800 committed for installation in the coming months, spanning both urban and rural areas.

About Eranovum

Eranovum is a Spanish business group dedicated to accelerating the transition to a new energy era, where renewable energy, self-consumption, and electromobility play essential roles.

The company’s activities as an independent energy producer include investing in, developing, and operating solar photovoltaic plants, wind farms, and storage facilities.

As a charging point operator, the company provides comprehensive solutions to its real estate partners, covering charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and on-site self-consumption installations.

Eranovum’s integrated approach ensures the supply of 100% renewable energy to EV drivers, covering the entire value chain from clean and competitive energy production to its distribution to businesses, industries, or EV users.

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