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Date: December 13, 2023
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New player: Road introduces its software service to Spanish CPOs

This is a platform specifically designed to simplify electric vehicle charging transactions for all users. Here, all the details of Road's business model exclusively with Mobility Portal Group.
Road make EV charging transactions effortless for everyone.
Road make EV charging transactions effortless for everyone.
Eduardo Morejon, Country Manager Iberia at Road.

Dutch company Road arrives in the Spanish market with a charging point management platform for electric vehicles.

This is a software service designed specifically to streamline charging transactions for all users, using a subscription model (SAS).

“This allows charging point operators to customize the solution to the maximum with their own brand,” explains Eduardo Morejon, Country Manager Iberia of the company, to Mobility Portal Group.

In addition, it offers integration with all payment systems, solutions for controlling charging station installers, and tools for fleet management.

In this regard, Road has two platforms.

Firstly, E-Flux stands out, a fast-use platform that provides a turnkey solution for companies to efficiently manage their charging points, settling transactions automatically.

Being independent of hardware, E-Flux by Road allows the connection of more than 365 charging stations, enabling the combination of various brands, both national and international, in a single control panel.

Within this panel, companies have the ability to add locations, set rates, invite users, and obtain detailed information about charging sessions.

Compatible with Europe’s leading payment providers, this platform can integrate with Payter, Valina, and CCV.

This solution not only allows companies to maximize revenue generated by electric vehicle charging but also provides drivers with easy and convenient access to the charging network.

Its scalable design makes it suitable for companies of all sizes, from households to public networks.

It is an instant online subscription model, which any installer can access directly, as we have more than 18 certified charging point brands,” says Morejon.

On the other hand, Road Private Label is a fully customizable solution for marketing EV charging proposals.

Built in a test environment and with a fully automated back-end, it ensures quick and easy setup.

This solution allows defining and modifying pricing plans for CPOs and Mobility Service Providers (MSP) according to business requirements and user needs.

Road takes care of delivering the platform’s functionalities, while the company builds its proposal for the end customer.

All tools, such as driver assistance, field technician panel, and roaming, are available with the customer’s brand and name.

This extends to public charging, 24/7 support for electric vehicle customers, and control panels for field technicians.

Thus, creating a branded charging point platform is facilitated without the need to develop one’s own.

The company, being a fully adaptable solution, prioritizes documentation and developer tools, in addition to offering a set of state-of-the-art APIs.

Not only that, it also allows the integration of charging cards, payment systems, billing, and electric vehicle data into platforms.

It is worth noting that at Road, they prioritize security, regulatory compliance, scalability, and reliability above all.

For this reason, they have ISO 27001 certification and boast the industry’s highest uptime (99.9%).

According to Morejon, Road’s distinctive feature lies in its capacity, “superior to that of other companies in the sector,” to optimize platform monetization and its agility to integrate a greater number of charging points.

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