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Date: October 11, 2023
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By Inés Platini
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ESMOVE launches its new website to “offer solutions” to eMobility challenges

ESMOVE shares with Mobility Portal Europe its upcoming eMobility releases. The company also anticipates expanding to Portugal and considers Dubai as a potential market.
Juan Carlos Barranco, Sergio Ballesteros, and Ruben Palomino Gualix, founding partners of ESMOVE.
Juan Carlos Barranco, Sergio Ballesteros, and Ruben Palomino Gualix, founding partners of ESMOVE.

ESMOVE, the company specialized in charging infrastructure installation services, consultancy, and training, launches its new website.

It will provide precise and direct information, specifically designed to address users’ needs and offer effective solutions to their mobility challenges.

In this regard, the founding partners of the firm, Juan Carlos Barranco, Ruben Palomino Gualix, and Sergio Ballesteros, tell Mobility Portal Europe: “We always strive not only to improve our processes but to do so for the benefit of our customers, who are at the center of our actions.”

Among the services offered by ESMOVE, their assistance throughout the entire charging point installation process, including subsidy management, stands out.

They are currently working alongside various national providers, including Wallbox, V2C, and Policharger.

Together with them, they provide power in both alternating current (AC) of up to 22 kW and direct current (DC) of up to 400 kW.

In this way, they focus their actions on comprehensive advice.

“From the moment the customer seeks our service online to the completion of the process, which today would conclude with the subsidy,” they detail.

This process includes preliminary research, followed by an engineering project, installation, industrial legalization, and comprehensive infrastructure configuration before it goes live.

ESMOVE hope to expand to Portugal.

ESMOVE is also developing its proprietary software aimed at improving efficiency in all processes.

The company expects the first BETA versions to be ready by the end of this year.

If everything progresses as planned, the launch will take place in 2024.

Currently, the company conducts 90% of its operations in Madrid.

However, in the short term, they plan to open satellite branches in Levante, Catalonia, and Andalusia.

In the long term, they hope to expand to Portugal, “due to its proximity and fiscal advantages in the field of electric mobility.”

They also consider Dubai as a potential growth market.

“Both options are very appealing and could constitute future strategic steps for the company,” they assert.

Challenges faced by ESMOVE in the charging point market

Installation costs and, above all, delays in subsidy management and payment are significant challenges that users face when installing a charging point.

Therefore, ESMOVE offers financing options of up to 18 months with no interest.

With the imminent closure of Plan Moves III on December 31, 2023, they emphasize the importance of its renewal to maintain the eMobility market’s growth trend.

In the event of a fourth edition of the subsidies being launched, the company stresses the need for these to include the tertiary sector.

“To promote electric mobility, it is important that users have access to charging options outside their homes,” they indicate.

To achieve this, they recommend granting subsidies to companies and public organizations, thereby incentivizing various stakeholders to adopt more sustainable mobility.

Meanwhile, from their specialized department for businesses, ESMOVE Business, they are optimizing payment gateways and user authentication.

“In response to the specific needs of B2B, helping them develop a new line of business in their parking facilities,” they highlight.

Another challenge they encounter is the significant lack of knowledge and consumer education regarding electric mobility.

In this regard, they state: “Start-ups must invest in training and awareness campaigns to increase mass demand.”

Additionally, they aim to support new users so that “they feel safe and have support to resolve all their doubts.”

Furthermore, ensuring interoperability and more intuitive applications is crucial.

In conclusion, they emphasize: “It’s not just about installing a charger, we are a human team dedicated to providing customer assistance at all times.”

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