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Date: April 17, 2024
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Eurotuktuk arrives to conquer Spain with 400 mini vehicles, all 100% electric

These charming vehicles are traditional in Asia but seek their place in the most touristic spots of the European peninsula. Below, all the details of their arrival.
Eurotuktuk electric vehicles
Miguel Moreira, Eurotuktuk's After-Sales Manager.

Their original designation is autorickshaw, although they can also be known as auto ricksha, auto tuk-tuk, tuctuc, mototaxi, and a variety of other regional variants.

There is no doubt that it is the most common urban transport in India and Southeast Asia.

But what about Europe?

Miguel Moreira, Eurotuktuk‘s After-Sales Manager, not only reveals the company’s intention to launch 400 of these minivehicles in the country but also aims to establish itself in France, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia, among others.

The executive also explains that within Spain, they mainly operate in the corners of Toledo, Valencia, Malaga, Cadiz, Albacete, and Granada.

Thus, becoming an attraction that visitors cannot help but choose.

The business model of Eurotuktuk

Tuk tuk, an ideal vehicle for sightseeing.

“We bring the product from Asia, assemble it here in Spain, and then proceed to market it,” explains the company’s director.

It is worth noting that Eurotuktuk assembles six vehicles per day at its plant.

With room for four passengers plus the driver, these are 100 per cent electric models with solar panels.

Their range is 150 kilometers (km), but that figure is supplemented by 40 km from the panel, resulting in a total of about 190 km.

With the arrival of spring, this picturesque electrified vehicle is ideal for cruising with its maximum speed of 45 km/h.

And its cost? It’s possible to acquire a sustainable tuk tuk for around 16,000 euros.

Other possible sectors for commercialization

Although they originated for tourism purposes, the company explores different areas to showcase the range of possibilities offered by this means of transport.

“The electric tuk tuk is highly adaptable for companies engaged in mail or parcel delivery,” says Moreira exclusively to Mobility Portal España within the framework of the eCar Show Madrid.

Its versatility allows it to become a small van and navigate the city streets where other vehicles are not allowed to circulate.

Thus, tuk tuks are considered a practical alternative for companies looking to renew their fleet.

A multi-purpose electric vehicle

Indeed, in Spain, since January 1, 2023, minimum homogeneous requirements have been regulated that municipalities with polluted air must meet through Low Emission Zones (LEZ).

This includes measures such as restricting vehicle access, promoting public transport, and electric vehicle charging points.

The same is replicated in different European countries.

Thus, electric tuk tuks will be able to position themselves and meet the demand, as they are configured as a sustainable means of transportation capable of accessing LEZs.

Additionally, among their multiple functionalities, they are used for mobility, for example, on golf courses.

So it is true, a myriad of possibilities are looming with these charming electrified vehicles.

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