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Date: October 22, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Evectra: “We are building strategic alliances with Latin American eMobility companies”

This has been confirmed by its CEO, David Rodríguez, during his participation in the Latin America Electromobility Summit, an event organized by Mobility Portal Latinoamérica. Here, all the eMobility announcements from Evectra.
David Rodríguez, CEO of Evectra, during the Latin America Electromobility Summit.
David Rodríguez, CEO of Evectra, during the Latin America Electromobility Summit.
David Rodríguez, CEO of Evectra.

In the context of the Latin America Electromobility Summit, David Rodríguez, CEO of Evectra, anticipates all the eMobility steps that the Spanish company hopes to take in Latin America.

In this regard, the company representative, specializing in consultancy and engineering services, states that they are “beginning to undertake projects.”

“We are building strategic alliances with other types of companies,” he anticipates.

In particular, they are focusing their attention on the Colombian and Chilean markets, as these countries are beginning to develop fast-charging projects for both vehicles and buses.

As the CEO reveals, Evectra is currently finalizing projects that have been successful cases in Spain.

A notable case is their partnership with Tesla, with whom they collaborate on the installation of fast-charging points in the Catalonia region.

Therefore, they wish to transfer this experience to South America, especially in consultancy.

“We do not focus on the physical installation of equipment but act as Project Managers throughout the engineering process,” he explains.

Their added value lies in project definition, planning, sizing, feasibility analysis, and design.

From this perspective, among their clients are prominent bus transportation companies, such as Barcelona and Madrid.

They also work with other public operators in various Autonomous Communities, electrifying their fleets.

Evectra, specializing in consultancy and engineering services.

“For this reason, we believe that in these strategic markets, such as Colombia and Chile, we can offer them our assistance in this transition,” he details.

In this context, Evectra has embarked on its expansion into these countries with the aim of deepening their ongoing projects.

They recently participated in the Latam Mobility: Colombia 2023 event, which took place on June 6 and 7.

Their focus is on becoming an independent company and providing maximum guidance to their clients in all aspects.

In this way, they ensure that the installation of charging points is carried out efficiently, within established deadlines, and with as few issues as possible.

“This way, we ensure that the charging equipment is reliable to guarantee optimal installation operation,” Rodríguez emphasizes.

Evectra shares details of its project in the Dominican Republic

The CEO of Evectra has highlighted their current advisory project in the Dominican Republic, where they aim to introduce electric buses.

This is a project for which the island’s energy capacity to charge buses during the night is being evaluated.

Evectra subjects these projects to a comprehensive analysis, evaluating them in terms of feasibility.

“It is crucial to avoid rushing into the implementation of massive charging facilities without a full understanding of the specific challenges and requirements of each location,” he maintains.

As a result, Evectra emphasizes the importance of placing high value on the engineering involved in these projects.

Therefore, from the company, they can contribute their experience in this field to prevent “misguided investments.”

Strategic plans of Evectra for 2024

Looking ahead to the next year, the company aspires to maintain the solid average growth it has experienced, surpassing 30%.

Furthermore, Evectra is beginning to undertake projects for high-power electric truck chargers.

Therefore, their roadmap for 2024 includes expanding this plan within Spain and also to other countries not only in Europe but also in Latin America.

Lastly, as part of their growth strategy, they will continue to recruit and train qualified, specialized personnel to expand their engineering team.

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