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Date: October 16, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Getaround Sets Priorities and Expands in Low Emission Zones

Through its Connect device, which allows users to book and unlock vehicles using their mobile phones, Getaround, the leading car-sharing service in Europe, unveils its projects in a conversation with Mobility Portal Europe.
Getaround, the leading connected car-sharing platform in Europe.
Getaround, the leading connected car-sharing platform in Europe.

Getaround is focusing on expanding its Connect model to locations with established Low Emission Zones, according to Even Tangen Heggernes, VP Supply – Getaround Europe, in an interview with Mobility Portal Europe.

This preference is driven by the fact that these cities typically have well-defined mobility strategies that align with shared car usage as a viable and sustainable option.

Getaround's Connect allows users to book and unlock vehicles through their mobile phones.
Getaround’s Connect allows users to book and unlock vehicles through their mobile phones.

The Connect device allows users to book and access vehicles via their smartphones.

As Even Tangen Heggernes explains, “As a Peer-2-Peer platform, we currently operate throughout Spain, allowing individuals with vehicles or professionals with fleets to add them to the platform.”

The only requirement is that the cars meet specific age and mileage criteria.

At present, the average age of cars in Spain exceeds 14 years. As a result, many companies choose to promote car-sharing with newer vehicles to encourage fleet renewal and reduce road congestion.

In line with its commitment to sustainable mobility, Getaround aims to have only electric vehicles on its platform by 2040. Additionally, starting from 2030, the company will no longer accept vehicles that emit exhaust gases.

Currently, electric and low-emission vehicles make up 11% of the cars shared by Getaround hosts worldwide.

According to the company, reservations for zero and low-emission cars are primarily made by local residents in large cities for short-term periods.

This has led to a doubling of the electrified vehicle fleet compared to the previous year, with higher earnings for the owners of these vehicles compared to the rest of the fleet.

Tangen Heggernes emphasizes, “This means that electric vehicles are perfectly suitable for peer-to-peer car-sharing.”

However, they note that the number of users searching for electric cars using the filter is still low, though it has doubled compared to 2020.

They anticipate an increase, particularly in mature markets like Norway, where electric vehicle bookings account for 20% of total reservations.

The platform is primarily aimed at urban residents without cars, as well as tourists visiting the country.

The platform’s available fleet ranges from compact cars to family vehicles and includes hybrid and electric cars. Getaround plans to continue adding more electrified vehicles to meet changing user demands.

In support of this transition, the platform encourages vehicle owners to take advantage of available incentives that align with their commitment to eco-friendly mobility.

“With the global trend towards electric vehicles and sustainable technologies, Getaround is optimistic about the possibility of these vehicles becoming the default transportation option.

Therefore, the company is evolving its business to promote their adoption in the car-sharing sector.”

How does Getaround facilitate the charging of its electric fleet?

The transition to electric mobility must be accompanied by a charging infrastructure that encourages drivers to switch to electric cars.

However, this is a concern for users, not only due to its scarcity but also because of the lack of interoperability.

In this regard, Getaround’s primary goal is to provide private vehicle owners and professionals on its platform with convenient and flexible charging solutions.

“To achieve this, we are actively seeking partnerships with parking facilities that can offer affordable charging services,” they state.

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