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Date: May 17, 2024
Highlights from the International Mobility Portal Summit: European leaders announcements
By Lucía Colaluce

Highlights from the International Mobility Portal Summit: European leaders announcements

Yesterday, key figures from eMobility companies gathered to discuss at the event organized by Mobility Portal Europe. What were the announcements? Here's a brief overview.

During May, Mobility Portal Group convened the foremost figures in electromobility from around the world, in a two-day event titled Trends in 100% Electric Charging Infrastructure and Fleet Management in Latin America, Spain, and Europe.

On the second day, May 16th, four discussion panels were organized, each featuring between three and five speakers focused on the Old Continent, who presented their projects and discussed sector trends.

Below is a compilation of standout quotes from the participants.

Ferdinand Solberg, Business Developer at Amina Charging:

“Our main focus is the home charging segment, and we aim to provide leading products that solve the pain points experienced by the CPOs targeting this segment”.

Adrián Serna Tamez, Global Program Manager at CALSTART:

“We are trying to solve the problems by enabling policy advisors to get knowledge and a special focus on its own systems approach”.

Michael Keller, member of the Executive Committee of CharIN:

We have established a group beyond the CharIN membership, which identified the market’s need to provide a neutral Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and its respective certificates, in order to establish a level playing field and equal opportunities for all plug-in chargers.”

William Pui Martinez, Senior Charger Hardware Manager at Circle K:

“Our ambition is to be amongst the biggest Charging Point Operators (CPOs) in the world”.

Michael Johanns, Business Developer Smart Charging at Deftpower:

“The first step was getting the payments done as well as the access to the chargers. And now we are going to the next step: smart charging and trying to charge the vehicles at the best time”.

Steven van der Burg, Director of Sales at Ebusco:

“We’re trying to be the front runner in terms of range; I think that is the beauty of Ebusco. Every bit of engineering we have can be fully dedicated to the development of eBuses,” indicates Steven van der Burg, Director of Sales at Ebusco.

Sissi Gao, Sales Director at Gresgying:

“We are going to present in the Shanghai International Charging Station Exhibition, the 1000 kilowatt charger, which is a one-megawatt power unit, and it is going to be available to be connected in parallel to provide a two-megawatt power pool”. 

Hannes Schifferegger, Account Executive at GridX:

“The cost of the energy is one factor that determines the switch to an electric fleet”.

Rutger Plantenga, Managing Director at Greenflux:

“Since AFIR is now enforced, we still see a lot of different legislations in diverse domains, so we have a strong focus on being compliant, therefore allowing our customers to be compliant in their markets”. 

Bart Scholte van Mast, Business Innovation Manager at go-e:

We are making another solution to forge charging available everywhere, scalable and cost-effective, alongside Austrian partners and the government.”

Ignacio Díaz, Business Director Charging Network at Huawei:

“In Huawei, we are switching to liquid cooling, since it gives you up to two or three times power density while keeping the performance”. 

Christoph Erni, CEO and Founder at Juice Technology: 

“The latest innovation that we are bringing to the market is the DC charger with battery. We went for a new solution, where you can install a good battery, which can be plugged into a very basic industrial socket, and you can charge up to 30 cars per day.”

Jonas Kverneland, CTO at Kverneland Energi:

The Megawatt Charging System (MCS) is essential for the future to speed up the charger time and be competitive with petrol vehicles”.

Markus Kröger, Founder and CEO of K2 Mobility at PANION:

Dynamic-integrated, charge planning and regulations are going to be the key for electric fleets”.

Radmila Govertsen, Product Manager at QLIGHT- ONEPOLE:

“We are launching a new product, it is a foundation which will be a game changer, that will be tested together with a pedestal, something I don’t think it was done before.”

Stian Mathisen, Head of Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, and Sustainability at Recharge:

“We are currently working on something that will bring us from being a CPO to being an energy company: we will be helping the charging stations to stabilize the grid and bring flexibility to it, so they will eventually become a resource.”

Torben Fog, co-founder and CIO at Spirii:

“We make suggestions on things our partners can do and revenue more for their financial benefit”. 

David Iriarte, Senior Sales Manager EV Charging Southern Europe at Sungrow:

“We are working on a new product: a modular charger with satellites and a power unit of 800 kilowatts, that will be available at the end of the year”.

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