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Date: December 19, 2023
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Jema Energy: “We expect the mass electrification of trucks to commence in 2024”

Eduardo Segura, Key Account Manager, presents Jema Energy's range of charging solutions for heavy transport and reveals industry concerns during the Ibero-American Fair of Electric and Sustainable Mobility.
Eduardo Segura, Key Account Manager of Jema Energy.
Eduardo Segura, Key Account Manager of Jema Energy.

The leading company in the energy sector, Jema Energy, continues to innovate in the design and manufacturing of energy conversion systems.

Its goal is to stay at the forefront of power electronics development, offering customized solutions in sectors such as electromobility.

In this context, the company focuses exclusively on electricity for heavy vehicles, with a consolidated dedication to urban buses.

During the “Ibero-American Fair of Electric and Sustainable Mobility,” organized by Mobility Portal España, Eduardo Segura, Key Account Manager of the company, states: “We expect the electrification of truck fleets to begin on a larger scale throughout 2024.”

In this regard, the trend for the coming years points towards the design of higher-capacity batteries and faster chargers for these vehicles.

In this line, the company is designing high-capacity systems, such as the MCS with over 1 MW.

Together with the CharIn Association, they are contributing to the deployment of its standardization.

This will offer multiple outlets to connect several cars simultaneously or provide a single vehicle with high power.

Pantographs for eBuses by Jema Energy.

They are also developing connectors with liquid cooling to enable higher charging speeds and reduce charging times.

Not only that, but they are also focusing on bidirectional charging.

“We have installed chargers in locations such as Zaragoza and Valladolid,” he says in relation to this.

However, he emphasizes that in Spain, the system that allows energy feedback from vehicles to the grid and vice versa has not yet been implemented.

Jema Energy leads the charging of heavy vehicles

According to Segura, the company is close to reaching 300 installed charging points for the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) of Madrid.

Jema Energy SIGMA Chargers.

There, they have equipment from both the previous ECI family and the new SIGMA range.

This is presented as a modular charger composed of several internal modules.

This results in “better performance, easy maintenance with minimal interventions, and significant modular possibilities.”

It is a very versatile line that offers a wide variety of powers.

“Up to 180 kW in a single cabinet, while adding more can even reach 540 kW per charger,” details the Key Account Manager.

These devices can provide a single output or multiple ones to power several vehicles in parallel.

They also offer the flexibility to connect through CCS2 hoses, inverted pantograph, or onboard on the vehicle.

“We observe a trend towards the use of pantographs, as they allow for automated charging,” he emphasizes.

Not only that, but in case these components fail, the SIGMA family has an alternative for vehicle charging through an additional box called TILT-BOX.

This allows adjusting the power and using both the pantograph and the hose optionally.

Meanwhile, Jema Energy offers the GEMA range for projects with space limitations.

The entire charger and power electronics are integrated into the mast of the pantograph support structure or in the loading bell, in the case of equipment built into the vehicle.

This demonstrates the company’s flexibility to adapt to the specific projects of each customer.

It is worth noting that the company’s entire manufacturing is European.

In this sense, they have their own laboratory on-site to carry out tests on all chargers, both standard models and products coming off their production lines.

This shows their commitment to the development and standardization of their products.

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