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Date: April 12, 2024
What jobs are European electromobility companies looking for?
By Lucía Colaluce

What jobs are European electromobility companies looking for?

Ampeco, Be.EV, IONITY, BYD, and MG Motor are some of the companies offering vacancies to work in the electromobility sector, mainly in marketing, engineering, and commercial areas. What are the requirements?
Electromobility oportunity jobs in Europe

Electromobility is constantly growing, and indeed, new job positions related to it are being generated.

According to collected information, the automotive sector provides employment, both directly and indirectly, to 13.8 million Europeans.

This number represents 6.1 percent of total employment in the European Union (EU).

Additionally, 2.6 million people work in the direct manufacturing of vehicles, representing 8.5 percent of EU employment in the manufacturing sector.

What kind of professionals are electromobility companies looking for?

Mobility Portal Europe shares the details of the positions requested through the LinkedIn platform.


AMPECO’s team.

Ampeco offers a software platform that provides unlimited flexibility to integrate with existing systems and create customized electric vehicle charging solutions.

Considering this, the a Bulgarian scale-up with a global footprint has vacancies available to join the team.

One of them is to fill the position of Backend Developer in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Responsibilities would include working on further advancement of the charging point management SaaS, primarily developed with Laravel, and participating in the overall platform design and architecture.

Other tasks included in the position are participating in code reviews, maintaining a clean and understandable codebase, and continuously improving product quality.

To apply, individuals must have at least five years of software development experience using PHP and knowledge of Laravel for a minimum of two years.

Having good communication skills and fluent English, both written and verbal, are also essential requirements.

Additionally, the company is looking for someone qualified to fill the position of Full-stack developer in the same region.

The role involves working on further advancement of the electric vehicle charging point management SaaS, developed with Laravel (for the backend) and ReactDOM and React Native for web and mobile applications.

Experience in building and integrating REST APIs, as well as developing hybrid mobile applications, is necessary.

Having a track record in developing hybrid mobile applications with React Native, meaning at least publishing one application on Google Play and the App Store, will be valued.

Likewise, knowledge of implementing automated tests and understanding of the electromobility sector will be appreciated.


Be.EV board meeting.

Be.EV, which operates a national network consisting of 300 active chargers and over 1000 additional ones in progress, aims to expand its specialized personnel in the sales field.

Specifically, the company is seeking a Sales Manager and a Marketing Manager in Manchester, England.

With this, the company aims to provide robust commercial support to drive agreements, offer the best value for money, ensure contract compliance, and showcase the use of its charging points through a creative and strategic approach.

The main duties of the first position involve contractor onboarding, supply chain contract management, and client contacts.

They will also need to generate work and purchase orders, review quotations, and perform final accounts.

Essential requirements include holding a Bachelor’s degree in commercial management, valuation, or similar, over five years of sales experience, preferably in the electromobility or sustainability sectors, property, or utilities, and practice in managing NEC, JCT, and other contracts.

With the second position, Be.EV aims to have comprehensive strategy planning to grow and build the company’s community, create initiatives to drive charging network utilization and design marketing campaigns.

The person in this role will need to conduct analyses to track the effectiveness of strategies and stay updated on the latest trends in marketing and electric vehicle technology.

A notion of five years or more in the marketing world, communication skills, and demonstrated success in campaign execution are some of the qualities sought.


IONITY’s team in the Vinci Rousset Opening.

IONITY, which owns and operates a network of high-power stations along highways in 24 European countries, has a vacancy for the position of Charging Systems Specialist and an Intern in Charging Network Management.

Both profiles, oriented towards engineering, will work at the offices in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

The person filling the first position will be responsible for technical implementation projects and exchanges with IONITY’s external partners, shaping and defining the charging systems of the future by adapting technical requirements to meet the latest market developments and internal stakeholders’ needs.

They will also communicate the implementation status of projects and oversee the implementation of new charging systems and technical solutions in the company’s network.

Meanwhile, the Intern will act as a control point between service partners and internal stakeholders, support in tracking questions or concerns related to purchase requests, and assist in managing the daily operational activities of the high-power charging network, among other tasks.


BYD factory.

BYD, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, offers positions for Sales Managers in Europe, in cities such as Madrid and Munich.

The main responsibilities will include organizing marketing activities and events, working alongside distribution partners to visit installers daily, and providing them with marketing support and technical assistance for any queries.

Additionally, they must identify market potential and persuade installers to purchase the BYD Battery-Box from a technical, commercial, and service perspective.

Other tasks include providing installer analysis reports and market research, tracking demands, collecting and submitting product requests to the technical team, and attending national and international exhibitions to support brand recognition improvement and expansion.

A Bachelor’s degree in electrical or electronic engineering, or Business Administration with such affinity, is required.

Furthermore, a general marketing experience of between two and three years, over two years in related industries, and proficiency in Spanish and English languages are necessary.

Excellent writing and verbal presentation skills, as well as proficiency in presentation software like PowerPoint, will be considered.

MG Motor

MG Motor’s manufacturing unit in India

MG Motor, which provides a wide range of sustainable vehicles, is looking for a Marketing Campaigns Manager for its headquarters in Milan, Italy.

The person in this position will be responsible for designing, developing, and executing integrated campaigns according to business objectives and budgetary capacity.

They will also need to measure, analyze, and deeply monitor ROI and KPIs, compile regular reports on campaign performance and results, coordinate efforts with third-party agencies and vendor staff, and manage agreements and related budgets.

Finally, they will need to regularly track and gather insights on competitors’ media and communication strategies and work to enhance brand relevance by creating content that attracts new customers and keeps existing ones engaged.

Candidates should have held similar roles for at least three years, and be analytical as well as organized.

Proficiency in English (C-level competency preferred) and exceptional mastery of media and related KPI usage, with a strong focus on digital performance, will also be valued.

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